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Week 6

連続 れんぞく continuation, succession, series

断食 だんじき fasting

繊細(な)せんさい delicate

感触 かんしょく texture

浮く うく float

塊 かたまり embodiment

主語 しゅご subject

解散 かいさん breaking up (a meeting); dispersing (a crowd); dissolving (a company) 80 more words


I made it! Introduction!

I made this introduction using iMovie! I’ve never used any movie maker app before. I made it on my iPhone. I wish I could change the way the text enters the video. 10 more words


Digital Storytelling

I recently came across a concept called “digital storytelling” which I had never heard before. Apparently, according to a variety of sources including: https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/blogs/özge-karaoğlu/digital-storytelling and  90 more words


First Week

This week I learned five new words through my work and watching the Japanese drama: この世界の片隅に。(konosekai no katasumi ni)

刻み値 “kizamichi” increment, step value (noun) 106 more words


Technology Inquiry

This is the “tech” portion of my blog.  Every week in my class we will be exposed to new technologies at use in the classroom and how to manipulate them and how each one can  support the learning process. 32 more words


Personal Learning Goals

Today is the first post for my passion-based open inquiry project. For my undergrad degree, I studied Japanese. I also worked at a Japanese grocery store, and volunteered at a Japanese farm in Canada. 190 more words