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Return to Westeros

It was nearly one year ago that I watched Game of Thrones for the first time. I binge  watched one season per week for a month and finished just in time for season five to premiere on HBO. 857 more words

Game Of Thrones

Valar Morghulis

So, three things happened.  Firstly, season six of the Game of Thrones is taking too long and second, I just finished reading A Dance of Dragons, and I do not, for the love of God, know what to do with my life.   1,929 more words

Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire Podcast, Episode 10: The Book That Never Was


In early 2015, Harper Collins UK in conjunction with Waterstones, a British Book Retailer, released pictures of a letter that George RR Martin wrote to his agent Ralph Vicinanza in 1993 outlining his idea for this brand new book that he was writing entitled  264 more words


Persephone of the Winterfell Crypts

The crypts of Winterfell

The only available access into this otherworld of the dead are cave systems, grottos or manmide barrows, crypts, mine shafts and tunnels. 6,825 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

Is Bernie Sanders the Ned Stark of the 2016 Election?

In a post published on this blog earlier today, I discussed why I “stopped feeling the Bern,” i.e. why Bernie Sanders is a troubling, disappointed candidate, in my opinion. 358 more words


A Game of Thrones Fan-Theory: King Robert Was Right... For Once

Anyone who is familiar with George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire or its televised counterpart Game of Thrones will recognize the name, “King Robert Baratheon, the First of His Name.” 1,671 more words

Game Of Thrones

The Ravenry: Week of 8/3/2015

Hello, ASOIAF enthusiasts

As you may or may not know, Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire has its own Tumblr page (as well as its own… 243 more words

ASOIAF Analysis