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5 best moments in Dead Weight

Despite it boasting a high-calibre cast including Suzanne Pleschette and Eddie Albert, Dead Weight, the third episode of Columbo‘s first season, never quite caught imaginations in the same way as… 667 more words


OTD: Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert are Guests on the Merv Griffin Show

On this date in 1966, Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor appeared as guests on The Merv Griffin Show.  This would be during the beginning of the second season of Green Acres.


Pig Out

I read somewhere that when CBS cancelled Green Acres, the cast and crew killed and ate the pig that played Arnold Ziffel. The same source I got this information from admitted that it was probably erroneous but I just can’t get that blasted image out of my head. 58 more words


Lt. Eddie Heimberger USNR – A real American Warrior.

Lt. Eddie Heimberger USNR – A real American Warrior.
Gideon D. Asche

This article originally appeared as part of the “Heroes we didn’t know that we knew” 680 more words

Roman Holiday

Year Released: 1953
Main Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Gregory PeckEddie Albert                        
Review Date: April 2017 (only just within my close-to-view-time review criteria but in my defence I wrote the review about January) 333 more words

Film Review

The Persistence of Memory - and when you wish it wouldn't

I was reminded yesterday of something that happened on my honeymoon. It’s in no way private or personal, and if it’s derogatory in any way, then that’s about me, so I feel able to share this example of just how memory can assert itself in a way you’d rather it wouldn’t. 554 more words

The Goggle-Box