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Don't Panic

Most people who know me would agree that I’m of a generally calm, nay taciturn, mien. In Dad’s Army terms, I’m more Sergeant Wilson than Corporal Jones: 547 more words

365 Days Of Writing Prompts

Eddie Izzard at the Ancora

The other day, something incredibly lucky happened. I found myself watching Eddie Izzard was playing the Ancora night club in Madrid.

For those who don’t know, Eddie Izzard is a world famous British comedian who specializes in routines about history. 261 more words

Adventures Abroad

Real Life Proof: Stratego Rant II

Featured Image is from (found it!) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratego#/media/File:StrategoPieces.jpg

I Have Photographic Evidence…

During the composition of my last article, I was so swamped with emotions that I had complete forgot a key element!  398 more words


From The Dora Case to Hunky Dory

Probably the most famous case study by Freud is the Dora Case (case from 1900 and published in 1905) and rereading it recently I couldn’t help feeling that one can see key elements of the Dora Case as representation of the hysteric structure in contemporary life. 648 more words


James Corden Or Ricky Gervais?

The great thing about being a TV addict is pressing the “pause” button on the remote control and pointing out to family members that the actress playing the part of the policewoman was in “Holby City” and the actor playing the doctor was in “Game of Thrones”. 764 more words

"MEETING EDDIE" Featuring Matt Kirshen



U.K. Comedian Matt Kirshen tells us about meeting his personal idol and Stand Up Comedy legend, Eddie Izzard. Eddie is one of the most prolific comedians of all time and resides in the UK.  185 more words


QI Watchdown: H9 (House and Home)

Fine, let’s do another QI.

This is the 100th episode in the series, a feat so great that they brought back three heroes of the first series- two have appeared recently, like Danny Baker and Bill Bailey, but the one I’m more excited for is a guy who hasn’t been in since the pilot, the great Eddie Izzard. 1,053 more words

Bill Bailey