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Fans ask Eddie Izzard - "Don't support Apartheid Israel"

UK comedian Eddie Izzard is known for his opposition to apartheid South Africa. He played gigs for the Anti-Apartheid Movement in the 1980s. In 2016, as part of a charity fund-raising effort, he ran 27 marathons in 27 days to honour the 27 years Nelson Mandela spent in prison . 371 more words

Artist's Boycott

Thinking about a feminine man (Outside city, april 14th 2013)

I once said I think I am a straight transsexual man in a womans body. I don´t think no more about that, or that is what we would become, the two of us combined. 209 more words


Review: Trevor Noah's "Afraid of the Dark"

This weekend I watched Trevor Noah’s stand-up special, “Afraid of the Dark.” I have very little credibility as far as comedic writing goes, but I do have a degree in creative writing under my belt, neighboring a pretty solid appreciation of stand-up comedy. 682 more words

Authors Answer 69 & 70

Missed a week again, so double post today! Yet another family visit got in the way. I’ve also been feeling shit, but that’s no excuse because frankly, I’m still feeling shit. 490 more words

Authors Answer

Izzard Hates Old Nazis 27/11/15

Had a dream last night that I was a Nazi hunter. I worked with about eight soldiers, Eddie Izzard being one of them. We were all dressed in olive green WW2 military gear, with weapons to match. 257 more words

ROCK DOG (2017) review

written by: Ash Brannon; story by Ash Brannon and Zheng Jun
produced by: Rob Feng, Joyce Lou, David B. Miller, Amber Wang
directed by: Ash Brannon… 795 more words

"Rock Dog"



“Rock Dog” is an animated film that’s perfect for older kids (ages 8 – 12), especially those who are musically inclined or play an instrument. 356 more words

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