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"On My First Shot, Lads"

Eddie Izzard as John Silver, “bladed up and pistol ready.”  Treasure Island, 2011.



Whisky Galore

Many, myself included, will balk at the idea of a remake of this classic film believing it really shouldn’t be tampered with. However director Gillies MacKinnon has wisely decided to stick with the winning formula and has merely updated it seemingly by flicking a switch which has transformed it into colour. 230 more words


Do you know who I am?

Some years ago, I had a radio colleague who was offended when the organizers of a charity golf tournament wouldn’t let him play for free. 349 more words


Words of the Week 25/2016 - Eddie Izzard

Words of the Week 25/2016

Eddie Izzard

Edward John “Eddie” Izzard (born 7 February 1962) is an English stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. His comedic style takes the form of rambling, whimsical monologue, and self-referential pantomime. 84 more words


Just like Eddie

  1. I was working on my Shrewd Idiot Buk (SIB) and I decided I have done too many photos in my life, thousands. I used to take ‘em and develop em and print em misen but the need for that is non-existent now cos yu gets yer images with a flick of a switch and anyone can do that.
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Eddie Izzard Embarrasses Him or Herself and the Remain Campaign

Eddie Izzard must be a Vote Leave plant. He has to be. How else could a deranged, rambling old socialist dressed as a woman be allowed to represent Remain on BBC… 362 more words