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Boychoir: Kids that Parent Themselves

Full disclosure: I arranged performance tours for boychoirs and I travelled with them. This movie review is prejudiced by my life experience.

Boychoir is a small independent film with a big cast: Dustin Hoffman, Eddie Izzard, Kathy Bates, Josh Lucas, Debra Winger and Kevin McHale. 295 more words


PC's vs Mac's

There are two types of computers in the world, pc’s and mac’s. This means two types of operating systems and several types of headaches.  The upside is you will have a better chance of finding something that suits the way you think or, at least, comes closer to being user friendly for you. 1,094 more words

Adult Education

Latin Review with Eddie Izzard ...

… and it is Eddie Izzard after all so there is some (Warning!) unseemly language sprinkled alongside the Latin-ish.  Enjoy! It’s quite brilliant.

General Interest

Izzard hits the right notes as David Lean turns Inside Out

The misconception that, by definition, “art house” cinemas only ever screen dull but worthy movies, often in black and white and almost certainly with subtitles over the Scandinavian dialogue, is well and truly exploded next month by the David Lean Cinema, as its largely volunteer-run programme includes a bio-pic about the Beach Boys, a screwball comedy, a film based on a… 1,093 more words


Absolutely Anything

Absolutely Mundane

If you go to see Absolutely Anything expecting anything other than a mediocre comedy then you either haven’t seen the trailer or are a misguided individual. 854 more words

Film Review

Hannibal: A Love Letter

Oh, Hannibal, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. No, seriously, let me count them: maybe it’s your titular character, played by an enigmatic and softly tongue-in-cheek Mads Mikkelsen, who can switch from charming to some sort of sociopathic fury on the flip of a coin. 540 more words


Litotes of the week.

As promised, here is the savoury-biscuit-based enigma: don’t say I’m not reliable.  (Actually, ‘enigma’ is dignifying this bizarre experience beyond its significance, but I like words, so ner). 717 more words