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Our Own Worst Enemy – How Transgender People were Complicit in the Election of Donald Trump

Between the 14th and 20th November, Transgender Awareness Week was marked in America and the United Kingdom with a series of bake-sales, beauty pageants, poetry readings, and posing for selfies holding banners with witless platitudes on them (“Live your dreams”, say, or “Trans-lives matter”).  4,951 more words


Force Majeure, Eddie Izzard

I do believe that comedians cannot be rockstars because they rely on being relatable whereas rockstars rely on the mystique, but if there is one exception to the rule, it’s Eddie Izzard. 889 more words


Dress to Kill

10 Things You’ll Learn from Eddie Izzard’s Standup Show Dress to Kill.

Some of these things might be true.

1. No one in the universe has read the terms and conditions of an iTunes update… 144 more words


Man found guilty of hurling homophobic abuse at Eddie Izzard

Comedian Eddie Izzard has called on LGBT people to make a stand against abuse after a man was convicted of harassing him in the street. 515 more words


What About Dick?

Craving some Python-esque comedy in the modern day? Eric Idle’s “aural cinema” production, What About Dick?is a The Importance of Being Earnest costume comedy meets murder mystery but penned in the innuendo-heavy Eric Idle style. 307 more words


British/Irish Actors Playing Americans

Everybody else has done this post, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. I’m going to start by not talking about David Tennant’s American accent in the… 871 more words


Cafe 31. Grave Talk

The thirty-first gathering of TALK-ABOUT café church was on Tuesday 8th November 2016 in Esquires Coffee House. Ian was the presenter. This special event took the form of a Death Café, in which guests sat in groups around tables, were served hot drinks and free cake, and took part in guided discussions about the theme of death and dying. 536 more words