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In the marketing war to draw people into one of the thousands of shows, some people have moved away from posters into providing freebies. These can be small give-aways like boiled sweets or badges to slightly harder to produce items like pens and stickers. 339 more words


Ocean's Twelve Review

When Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) discovers “Ocean’s Eleven” were the ones responsible for robbing his casinos, he tracks them down and demands they repay him everything they stole, with interest. 659 more words


Feminists Can Fight Dinosaurs in High Heels (if They So Choose)

This weekend I took the bus all the way to Wood Green. I’ve never been to Wood Green before. In our raincoats, and supplied with peanut M&Ms, my boyfriend and I paid extortionate rates to go see Jurassic World because I fucking love Dinosaurs. 577 more words

The 30-Minute YouTube Procrastination Playlist

Delicious, diverting and just a little bit naughty, procrastination is the adult equivalent of skipping class to hang out in the park with your friends and a bottle of White Lightning. 333 more words

A Little Inspiration

I can never watch a scary movie without thinking about this Eddie Izzard bit about how people in horror movies have all had their “common sense glands removed”…

Writing Life

The facts of life and death (in Harrogate)

What do the following statements have in common:

  • Patricia Highsmith used to breed snails and was so attached to them that when she moved to France she smuggled them in her bra.
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Crime Fiction

Harrogate Dispatches #2: Sara Peretsky, Eddie Izzard, MC Beaton and the Arctic

As I’ve already mentioned, this year’s Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival at The Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate, chaired by Ann Cleeves, was quite a weekend, full of interesting people talking about interesting things. 1,067 more words