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Jumping on the Bladder.

I’m still trying to figure out what is worse having a 14.5 lb or so cat jumping on your full bladder or jingle balls.  I’m leaning towards the bladder.   39 more words


Tow Truck Story

Im here sitting watching tv rolling in the floor thinking of My friends toe truck story lol.. Here it goes ;-)

My friend was driving home couple months ago from a exciting day out with friends, when his truck suddenly stopped working and he was forced to pull over in the side of the expressway and wait for a tow truck. 471 more words

My Life


(Two long term folks are going for an interview in order to secure employment. They are faithful comrades. One who is academically challenged requests his colleague to furnish him with the answers as soon as he is out of the interview room. 173 more words


There is no better way to break a world record than with Arnie cheering you on

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a break out of his busy schedule to cheer on Eddie Hall as he sets the new deadlift record.


Arthur Miller's 'A View From The Bridge'

Arthur Miller is best known for his play, ‘Death of a Salesman’ and was a celebrity in his own right alongside his star wife – ‘Marilyn Monroe’.

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Who is he talking to??

Eddie loves to pretend everything is a telephone. He holds a random object up to his ear and says “hi!” And then he walks around holding the whatever between his cheek and shoulder and pretends to talk on the phone. 241 more words