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Cornwall & The South: Pt 13 – St Austell

Moving on from the old County Town of Launceston, we arrived in St Austell, home of the famous Eden Project which lies just outside the town. 718 more words


Inside Eden

If green has a smell this is it. It hits you first; rich natural freshness doing the Tango inside your nose. Seconds later, the lush foliage comes into view and envelops you. 351 more words

On Sunday we went to Eden and this is what it looks like...

At least this is what the Eden biomes look like in December twilight, and courtesy of some dodgy photography. I think the effect suits it – this bold and inspirational project to wake us up to the knowledge of our total dependence on plant life. 101 more words

Tish Farrell Writer

Eden Project, Galactic Hide-And-Seek

Everyone in the control room was quiet as they slowly approached the designated point based on Cooper’s simulation. They were all on edge. After all, they all had barely escaped the destruction of their planet by a hostile alien race, and now they are supposed to find humanity’s ultimate weapon, to which the only clue they have to finding is a shadow orbiting a dead planet – a shadow that they were about to approach. 512 more words


Eden Project, Galactic Peek-A-Boo

The Junaris system is a binary star system: a pair of stars named Juno and Aris orbiting a common center. Between them was one large piece of lifeless rock – a planet with no signs of life or even an atmosphere. 824 more words


Eden Project, Survivors


Griffin opened his eyes, his vision blurred then slowly cleared up to find Cooper’s red eyes staring right at him, her hand on his left cheek slightly shaking him up. 795 more words


Eden Project, Surf

“This is an emergency transmission. Code Omega, directive Zeta. This is an emergency transmission. Code Omega, directive Zeta. This is an emergency transmission. Code Omega, directive Zeta…” 737 more words