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Eden Project, Cornwall, England

When looking at Utopias from the Benevolo reading, we see that Owen’s conditions of a Utopia includes: “the adoption of human labour as the unit for measuring value, and the creation of an internal market, thus increasing the. 377 more words

The Seed

The Seed.

This huge seed-shaped sculpture, created by Peter Randall-Page, sits in a specially designed chamber at the heart of the Core building

Made out of a single piece of granite, its surface has been carved with 1,800 nodes in the pattern of a Fibonacci spiral – the growth pattern found across the natural world in things like sunflowers, pine cones and ammonites.  155 more words

Capturing Moments In Time

The future is ours to invent

The other day after I’d mopped the floor, my partner looked at the puddle of water I made and asked me if I brought any rice – the room resembled a paddy field. 256 more words


The Gardens of Eden

Exploring England #12

Everything about the Eden Project in north west Cornwall is large, including the statistics.

Every year 850,000 people visit the 13 hectare sustainable gardens. 283 more words


Must Visit in Cornwall in 2017

I’m sad to say that I haven’t travelled abroad much. I’ve never had enough money, but it hasn’t dampened my appetite to explore. Instead, as I grew up, holidays involved tents and barbecued-everything somewhere along the south coast, and day trips to the beach and long walks in the countryside were the highlight of my summer. 756 more words


Roul-roul in Eden

Say hello to Mrs Roul-roul, also known as the Crested partridge, the Red-crowned wood partridge, the Green wood quail, the Green wood partridge and, scientifically, … 52 more words