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EDEN- "Wake Up" Single Review

This song.

You don’t get a song like this often.

It just connects with you.

The tune…

Forget the sly piano riffs that make you drift off, but listen more to the vocalists voice.   647 more words

We lose our innocence


“It is not only our fate but our business to lose innocence, and once we have lost that, it is futile to attempt a picnic in Eden.” 9 more words

Retired Bloke Quote

New chicks on the block

It’s coming up to the anniversary of when we collected Blizzard and Flurry, our white Silkie bantams. After their subsequent announcement to the village that they were cockerels, we returned them for an exchange but the breeder had nothing suitable. 77 more words

Thebuzzshelter Armathwaite

Packing the Hospital Bag

I mean what?! Packing the hospital bag seems so… final. That must mean that this baby is due SOON right? 460 more words

The Human and the Plains of Eden, Chp. 6- Digging up Water

Water- as does everything- heats in the Sun. Under the plains’ sunspot, it boils. On the plains, it does not evaporate into the skies, and so creates a magnificently warm and misty dome full of rainbows whenever exposed to the sunspot. 421 more words


The Red Queen Predictions Revisited

So to continue by Red Queen posts, let’s take a look at just how did with all the predictions I had. I don’t think I did that well. 2,498 more words

Isobelle Carmody
Nothing good I saw.
We were born sick. Malum in se.
Why do we even live on this planet?

How many have ever truly wondered that?

23 more words