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European membership, part 45; Hinkley Point

Hinkley C….. Will it happen or wont it? Living as I do in Gloucestershire and our local news is Points West, I can tell you that this story is ever-present and it seems like a long catalogue of delays and an equally long catalogue of statements saying that it will definitely go ahead…. 371 more words

European Membership Vote

Notes From Underground: What Were the Yield Curves Portending Late Last Week?

Before entering my thoughts on the significance of the year’s lowest close on the U.S. 2/10 curve, let me state that a Bloomberg news article by Alexandra Harris and TJ Marta is a must read in order to put perspective to the erratic nature of the markets recent moves. 982 more words


Shouldn't that be 'vin'?

As one of France’s leading utility companies, EDF (Électricité de France) supplies something without which modern civilised life would be quite impossible.

As well as electricity. 7 more words


-- Drigg: quaint coastal village and the UK’s “low level” nuclear dump

Up until the late 1980s radioactive wastes including plutonium wastes were tumble tipped into trenches. Now the site has gone all hi tech and compacts radioactive waste into rusting shipping containers…

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Nucléaire? NON!

(J’ai fait 13, je voulais les donner mais seulement 2 gens les ont pris).

On a besoin du choix quand on achète notre éléctricité. Seulement EDF = pas le choix? 351 more words

Will EDF rescue plan be enough?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Last week’s high-level meetings in Paris finally admitted EDF needs help. The quick list of what’s in a provisional rescue plan looks like this: 301 more words


France says EDF's stalled UK nuclear project will go ahead


© EDF Energy | An artist’s impression of the reactors EDF is due to build at Hinkley Point, southwest England.

Text by FRANCE 24… 817 more words