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Quote Of The Day: 07/26/2015

The entity should attempt, – seriously, prayerfully, spiritually, – to see even that as might be called the ridiculous side of every question, – the humor in same.

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Exchange This World for Our True Home

“Jesus, united with the Christ in you, is he who can teach you who you are and how to live as who you are in a new world. 430 more words


Acceptance: It Is That Simple

Being a product of co-dependency can create some interesting relationships in a person’s life. I am speaking from personal experience of course. While pondering a decision I made regarding boundaries, I asked myself if I was lacking compassion or protecting myself? 231 more words


The Walls We Are Accustomed To

Generally speaking we learn that the walls we build around ourselves are negative. I do not know the statistics, but a wall by any other name is still meant to keep something out. 573 more words


Jim Carrey: Death, spirituality and experiencing "non-local" consciousness

Jim Carrey believes death will be an “awesome” moment and “such a welcome experience.” He even describes it as an elevated state of consciousness that he feels he can reach at times in a heightened state of awareness.   852 more words

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Carrying Edgar's Shame

I can’t even write because

my thoughts are too unsettling

No one would understand why

I wouldn’t even want them

to think they could try… 25 more words


Resonance in Prophetic Information Sources


Cayce Predicted the Sudden Illumination of a Red Dwarf Star

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
June 25, 2015

Intensifying planetary infrasound resonance is now actively flooding many lands, opening sinkholes, releasing methane pockets and thrusting the continental plates and volcanic ocean depths into a fury. 2,323 more words