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Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet

I have written about Edgar Cayce and his views on Astrology and also on what he had to say about Health.  I have also been attending a local study group about  Cayce, reading and discussing the books “A Search for God”.   919 more words


Edgar Cayce, Dolores Cannon, and the New Testament


I’ve been looking online the past couple days for a better version of Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus than the beat-up, dog-eared, thick-with-annotations mass market paperback I’ve used for years. 806 more words


Cayce and the Lion: Tarot Numerology

Edgar Cayce’s readings often promoted the study of numerology. Numerology offers insight about your soul’s incarnation including your Karmic Year, Soul and Personality energy as well as the cyclical energy affecting you. 889 more words

Every life counts, and each person has a valuable role to play

What does life expect from me? What is the meaning of my life? Where is the meaning in my life? The answers to these questions are extraordinarily hopeful. 121 more words


the foot philosophy

I made a lifelong friend when I first moved to New York in my twenties.

He was a self employed printer then, living on modest means. 476 more words

Roger W. Smith

Atlantis Rising

Egypt and other worldwide cultures were influenced by Atlantis and other pre-diluvian civilizations hidden from the world. The best modern book on Atlantis was written by Shirley Andrews. 1,180 more words

Dr. Reid Friedson

Why Should You Define Your Dreams

There are many things are bodies do that are amazing, but none of them are as complex as the movies we make when we sleep. Years of research have gone into those 90 minute intervals of REM where we dream. 978 more words