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I don’t believe in literal prophecy,and here’s why:

I believe having the ability to chose (“having free will”) trumps fate. Why?

Because what someone “decides to chose” can NEVER be predicted, because people are unpredictable. 568 more words


2nd of 3 World Events - Possible Changes

I’ve been seeing shifting change with regards to the 2nd of the 3 Events which I’ve been seeing.  As time gets closer, it is necessary to take a fresh look at everything, so that I’m on the current timeline.  622 more words


Coolhunter (Pattern recognition, Chapters 4-6)

In this part the story starts to get good. Chapter five kicks off the plot, and from then on the pace accelerates dramatically. Last time we met Cayce, a woman with OCD who has a special talent for picking out logo designs and an aversion to certain brands. 679 more words

The Sleeping Prophet Does It Again: Blood Diagnosis

Edgar Cayce, 1877-1945

     Edgar Cayce or “The Sleeping Prophet” has baffled the masses since his recorded public emergence in the early 1920s for his psychic abilities and his eerie accuracy with prophecy of future events. 423 more words


War... and the Sleeping Prophet (Edgar Cayce)

This may be suddenly timely. Could a former Russian KGB Lieutenant Colonel spy have stopped a United States Nobel Peace Prize winner from starting a catastrophic war? 244 more words

Superconscious Mind

Excerpts from Channeling Your Higher Self – Edgar Cayce’s Concept of the Superconscious Mind and How It Can Transform Your Life, by Henry Reed, Ph. 787 more words


The Age of Aquarius by Edgar Cayce

The Age of Aquarius In this book we have looked at personal astrology, but another important astrological reality now occurring is that we are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. 810 more words