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"The true traveler never arrives."

“The true traveler never arrives.”

— Edgar Degas, French, painter, portrait of Mary Cassat


Degas and Cassatt: I Always Loved You

Review: I Always Loved You, by Robin Oliveira
Viking, 2014. 343 pp. $28

In 1877, the painter Mary Cassatt has reached a crossroads. The official Paris salon has just rejected her work, yet again, leading her to question whether her dream of being a painter is an egoistic fantasy. 869 more words

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Painting on the Edge

“Three Dancers in Yellow Skirts” by Edgar Degas c. 1891

Degas is one artist that is widely recognized to be among the first to break from traditional composition with his arbitrary edges.  58 more words


Tiny Dancers

It’s said that Edgar Degas painted ballerinas because of his love for music and the opera.  Some said he was entranced by the girls and their pretty dresses. 182 more words


Nude from the Rear, Reading

Edgar Degas (French, 1834-1917): Nude from the Rear, Reading, c.1880-85 (Pastel, Private Collection) – His paintings were exhibited at the Paris Salon beginning in 1865, but they attracted little attention, and his subject matter slowly transitioned from history paintings to more contemporary subjects… Although he is considered one of the founders of Impressionism, and he indeed worked with impressionist artists, such as Edouard Manet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, he rejected the label “Impressionist.” He detested the scandals brought about by their Impressionist Exhibitions, and he mocked them for painting outdoors…


She Bathes

The Tub Edgar Degas 1886

Such a private moment

Curtains ruffle at the open window

The evening light slips through

The house

empty 31 more words