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The Black Cat (1934)

“Be brave. No matter how hopeless it all seems.”

The 1930s could be seen as a tedious time for film. The Motion Picture Production Codes in the United States, which started being strictly enforced in 1934, really limited the amount of daring cinema that was produced. 612 more words


Low-Budget Masterpiece

CAUTION: Contains “spoilers.”

Although I’m supposed to reply “Detour,” if anyone asks what my favorite Edgar G. Ulmer film might be, I respond “The Black Cat,” and when pressed for a second favorite–now “Detour” must surely be named–I respond “Bluebeard.” 578 more words

Detour (1945)

Hollywood is really missing out, because with the direction that the industry has gone there really is no space for a film like Detour to be made by conventional methods anymore. 774 more words

Long Review

Movie Quote of the Day - Strange Illusion, 1945 (dir. Edgar G. Ulmer)

George: Nice girls aren’t supposed to take jewelry from strange men.
Dorothy: He’s not a strange man.

Movie Quote Of The Day

In Blackest Night: Edgar G. Ulmer's DETOUR (PRC 1945)

After hearing about DETOUR for years and reading all the critical acclaim, I finally got the chance to  watch it this year, thanks to TCM and the good ol’ DVR.  754 more words


Noirvember Feature #2 - Detour (1945)

Detour (1945)
Directed by: Edgar G. Ulmer
Written by: Martin Goldsmith (based on Detour: An Extraordinary Tale by Martin Goldsmith)
Starring: Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake, Edmund MacDonald… 729 more words


The Black Cat (1934)

The importance of this 65 minute thriller from director Edgar G. Ulmer must never be overlooked when discussing the history of movies. It’s the first teaming of two actors whose names one could argue are the biggest in the history of horror cinema. 815 more words

Boris Karloff