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The Brighter Side

I want to celebrate my birthday today with an upbeat, inspiring poem — and I found this one that fits the bill perfectly.

The Brighter Side… 229 more words


If This Were All

by Edgar A Guest

If this were all of life we’ll know,
if this brief space of breath
were all there is to human toil, 195 more words


Lesson From the Robins


You never hear the robins brag about the sweetness of their song,
nor do they stop their music gay whene’er a poor man comes along. 351 more words


Making A House A Home


by Edgar Guest

The landlord wouldn’t paint the place
or keep it in repair,
yet at the window panes was lace,
though every board was bare… 124 more words



by Edgar Guest

Not for the sake of the gold,
not for the sake of the fame,
not for the prize would I hold
any ambition or aim: 165 more words


Vintage verse - See It Through by Edgar Guest

See It Through

When you’re up against a trouble,
. . . .Meet it squarely, face to face;
Lift your chin and set your shoulders, 139 more words


When You Get to Know a Fellow

by Edgar A. Guest

When you get to know a fellow, know his joys and know his cares,
when you’ve come to understand him and the burdens that he bears, 284 more words