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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

Ay yi yi yi…Tequila Spring on the Prairie.

For Edgar Rice Burro it’s all about a longear tango of arc and sway and passion…

while Bhim’s heels lift and drop in a chest-proud flamenco. 49 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Gathering. Well, it’s one of my favorite things. A sweet meditative time with the good company of Edgar Rice Burro and the rest of my herd. 175 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: TRIO

“You knew we were dedicated to fighting the forces of evil when you hired us.”

This trio of highly motivated professionals are the Infinity Farm Type-A Aversion Therapy Team. 115 more words

Farm Life

It’s a shooting pain. Usually my foot is brick-tight and I can’t bend my toes. When I do manage to bend them in a natural walking angle, there’s a big red pain.

972 more words
Farm Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

A fence is a grid of separation. It’s used to keep some of us inside and to keep others of us outside. When Arthur the goat first arrived, he was wild and lost in his new home.

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Goats: A Different 12 Step Program.

It just hasn’t been the same since Sumo died. He was my last old-goat-standing and a card-carrying anarchist. He’d been un-fencable here for fourteen years. I miss coming into the barn in the morning to find the feed cabinet pried open and supplement containers flung into the runs. 931 more words

Dressage: Relaxed And Forward