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Photo Challenge: Order

The hours of the day
spook and buck and bolt,
swirling together and scattering
apart in a dust devil of nickers,
skittering hooves, and manure. 

I'm only human.
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Weekly Photo Challenge

There's No Romance in Rescue

It’s my bi-annual report on the animals fostered here at Infinity Farm. I try to balance on a tightrope when I write about rescue. I want to encourage people to adopt and at the same time, not get too romantic about it. 926 more words


Photo Challenge: Reflecting

It’s the job of a hero
to stand invincible
dwarfing the sky
and giving us pause,
reflecting the sum of
our inadequacies and hopes
too precious to name. 119 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

It’s the irresistible call
to scout hidden ravines and
gaze along the elevated vistas
from the edge of an eyelash.

A wish to explore generations…

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge: Surprise

Dawdling through chores, 
then rushing to a book event,
I checked the visor-mirror, 
and eek! -a long coarse hair
sprouting from my chin.

Aging requires a tolerance
for physical betrayal
but it helps to have 
friends who wear whiskers
like upside-down halos.
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Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge: Dense

Stupid. Dense. Stubborn. Lazy.

Until we stop seeing others
in our own worst self-image,
these words will describe us.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm…

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Negotiating; Not Fighting.

It was last spring when this ancient donkey came to the farm. In the beginning, we thought she might not make it. Nobody likes change but we couldn’t tell if it was a hunger strike or her organs shutting down. 1,085 more words

Dressage: Relaxed And Forward