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[fanfic] Boys will be Boys

Boredom strikes fear into the hearts of the bored, or so the saying goes. The summers were hot in the desert, particularly inside a stone castle. 376 more words


[fanfic] Of Politics

Few people knew anything about Sabin Rene Figaro beyond his name and his crown—unusual considering his open nature. The people who knew him best around the castle knew that he was no politician. 1,457 more words


A Game of Thrones

Location: The Blackjack, above Figaro Desert

Summary: Setzer’s famed ship plays the forum for negotiations between King Edgar and the scheming luminaries of the Empire. Day One of the arrangement seems to go well… 15,433 more words

Final FantasyMUSH

[fanfic] Coronation

Title: Coronation
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Characters: Edgar Roni Figaro
Rating: G
Summary: It’s time to pass the title to a new generation.
Notes: Inspired by the Lonely Prompt After his Father’s death submitted by wallwalker at fic_promptly over at dreamwidth.org! 364 more words