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Living Fence and Woven Walls


An alternative view on fencing from Richard Perkins

Designing new permanent woodland fencing for our Pigs and considering the economics of it


Granny Tech: What is a browser tab?

A browser tab (or simply a tab) is a web organizer for Internet browsers first featured in NetCaptor (SimulBrowse) by Adam Stiles, In 1997. 429 more words


Hill Academy Drill of the Week

Coach Acton Hands School showcasing Canadian poles can handle the ball too. Plus, bonus footage of a Hill pole using the very same technique in a fall tournament game. 128 more words


Clearing the Cache for Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, & Edge Browsers

The Importance of Clearing the Cache

As our reliance on computers and mobile devices grows, technology continues to evolve.  Assuming that you use some sort of device on a daily basis, how often do you clean it?   242 more words


Glen's Outdoors Clam Ice Suit Roundup - From $83.95

Glen’s Outdoors has some amazing prices on Clam Ice Apparel right now. We’ve rounded up these great deals after the jump. Hurry! Size selection is limited.  180 more words

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And this is why some people hate Javascript

Working on our VLF application, I ran into a problem for our Microsoft Edge users: If the command handler window was expanded (the draggable bar pulled upwards) beyond a certain point, only the filter window contracted. 122 more words

Tips for Embracing Edginess

“The Edge… There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”

613 more words