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Edible flower food with Sweet Osmanthus in Guilin

Guilin literally means “forest of Sweet Osmanthus” in Chinese; Gui 桂 – sweet osmanthus, and Lin 林 = forest. The evergreen Osmanthus trees grows everywhere in and around the city. 350 more words


21 Feb 2016 ~ Edibles for the Chef

This morning, Huiying of Foodscape Collective came to our garden to collect banana leaves and butterfly blue pea flowers for Chef Nithiya of Brunch Bandits,  so that they can be part of the set-up of “A Most Novel Brunch” dining event hosted at the Projector! 39 more words

Edible Garden

Living Mulch Experiment

I’ve been interested in the use of living mulches for a while now so a few months back I decided I might as well start experimenting. 95 more words

Cacao Chia Pudding

🌟 Raw morning✨ 🍶 Cacao-almond milk chia pudding sweetened with dates, served with one 🍌banana, topped with dried rose (edible and I use it mainly for decorating cakes☺️) 🔸activated buckwheat and 🍫cacao nibs. 148 more words

Sweet Sixteen birthday party - Stacked cakes, cupcakes, an edible rose and tinz ;)

First off can the record please show that I have amazing friends???? The above would not have been possible if my dear friend Miss Cane didn’t come to help me frost and box 50 cupcakes. 554 more words


hibiscus in the garden

When Darry and I first became active with the Master Gardeners, I had an opportunity to plan a small herb garden.  The beds were arranged in a circle, like spokes on a wheel and each bed featured a different collection of herbs.   337 more words