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Courgette flower omelette

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Courgette flower omelette

Even if there is a massive snow storm an unusual cold here in England, I’m waiting for the  spring to finally arrive together with the lush greens, juvenile ingredients and of course more sunshine. 382 more words


Edible flowers

Cooking with Edible flowers is become a trend now. We’ve see many of our talented chef creating their art plate with edible flowers in those Michelin restaurant. 292 more words

Russian honey cake (Медовик)

The Russian honey cake is a multi-layer cake made up of caramel biscuit layers and a “frosting” composed of sour cream and condensed milk. When sliced, it looks similar to a crepe cake. 156 more words

Garden-Fresh Favorites

When summer hits and the garden is in full swing, I spend a lot of time processing its bounty to enjoy later. But the greatest joy of growing your own garden is immediately eating the sun-warmed peppers, crisp snap beans, and brilliant orange carrots you’ve produced. 1,060 more words


Harvesting: Nasturtiums

We planted a small patch of nasturtiums this spring and were really surprised at how huge they got! Check out these progress shots:

Finally it erupted in flowers and we have been drying them regularly for tea blends and nasturtium powder.  22 more words