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Second citrus patch planted

Following on from our first patch of dwarf citrus, a family work gang has helped us plant out our second patch. This is of full-sized citrus… 151 more words

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Our vision for Lewisham Farm and its edible forest garden

The transformation of our 22ha property overlooking Nowra will take several decades. A core part of this journey is creating an “edible forest garden”, as described by Dave Jacke… 335 more words

First step towards an edible forest garden

As blogged about previously, our long-term goal for our South Coast property is to create an “edible forest garden“, following the books by Dave Jacke… 462 more words


Giving breathing room for two of our fruit trees

It always amazes me to see trees planted by themselves in a sea of grass.

Not only does the grass compete fearsomely with the trees, but the grass encourages a… 217 more words

Growing Our Own Food

Weedy resources from the Department of Agriculture

Whether you’re in the city or the country, you have to wage a constant war on weeds. Many are hard to kill, some are poisonous. 164 more words

Local Issues

Creating an edible forest garden: the start of a 20 year journey

The big plan for our rural property┬áis to create something called an “edible forest garden”, as described┬áin the book by the same name by Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier. 339 more words

A permaculture citrus guild (in Australia)

At Lewisham House, we love growing citrus. But it’s a hungry crop, and high maintenance.

Now one of the core concepts in permaculture is that of a “guild”. 403 more words

Growing Our Own Food