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'Everything bagel' crackers

Healthy and flavourful thanks to seeds, spices and whole wheat flour!

These crackers are so crispy and delicious that my family finds them positively addictive! They get their name from the spice and seed mix which mimics the famous ‘everything bagel’ topping that is wildly popular across North America. 350 more words

Paula Roy

Candy Cane Rocky Road

December is a month when your diary is as stuffed as your turkey will be; there’s always something on and with that comes the inevitable ‘bring a plate’. 848 more words


Edible gifts featured on Shepherd's Fashions Coffee Talk

Five fabulously tasty treats you can share over the holidays!

Today, more than ever, consumable gifts are so stylish. When you take the time to prepare edible gifts in your own kitchen, the family and friends with whom you share them will appreciate that you care about them and want to offer something to spice up their holidays. 132 more words

Paula Roy

Mushroom seasoned salt

A delicious way to add flavour to lots of dishes!

The subtle, earthy and rich flavour that mushrooms, yeast, truffles, anchovies, strong cheese and other elements add to foods is called umami. 166 more words

Paula Roy

Chocolate dipping spoons

An edible holiday gift the kids can make!

These spoons – perfect for stirring extra deliciousness into a mug of hot chocolate, steamed milk or coffee – were one of our favourite teachers’ gifts for years. 320 more words


Old-fashioned creamy maple fudge

Patience and science make for great candy!

One of my fondest childhood memories is that of making fudge with my maternal grandmother, whose much-used fudge pan I was recently gifted by my mother, who’s also a fantastic cook. 505 more words

Paula Roy

Sealed With a Kiss Cookies

Party-perfect treats for Valentine’s Day!

I love the look of these adorable little cookies, and they’re as tasty as they are cute! Despite appearances, they are actually really easy to make. 328 more words

Paula Roy