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And then there was the '80s, luvvie...

Back when the 21st century was still just a suffix in the title of Sci-fi novels and documentaries about robots doing the hoovering for you, an intrepid band of teenage drama nerds embarked on a mission to self-finance a trip to the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 648 more words


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Here, then, is my contribution to the My First Post Revisited feature, as nominated by Luccia Gray from Rereading Jane Eyre. It was in fact my fourth ever post and documents the first leg of a youthful theatrical group's trip to the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. Down the time tunnel we go...

NEWS: Groundbreaking new opera for babies

The long-awaited follow up to Scottish Opera’s hugely successful BabyO performances, BambinO is a pioneering and unique piece of music theatre for infants aged 6 to 18 months. 457 more words


Wir lieben dich, Hans!

What do you get if you take an exceptionally tall Australian bloke, put him in a pair of sequin-spangled hot pants, cake him in makeup, and hand him an accordion?  457 more words

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Our pal Peter Michael Marino always shows up

Dear Pete,

We think you’re awfully swell and we’re so incredibly pleased to be co-producing your one-hander, ‘Show Up‘, at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. 289 more words

Edinburgh Fringe

Mindy Raf is keeping her kidneys...

What’s true romance to you? For some, it’s flowers, candles and lacy knickers. To others, it’s marrying your high school sweetheart and settling in the suburbs. 378 more words

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Call Mr Robeson, September 2016

1st September. In August while at the Edinburgh Festival with Dr Ahmed I met a charming, well-spoken gentleman by the name of Tayo Aluko in the dressing room. 154 more words

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Dr Ahmed at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 2016

August 2016 saw a further collaboration with the multi-talented Dr Ahmed in his variety comedy show at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Thanks to Dr Ahmed’s concerted publicity efforts and consulate professionalism the show was a storming success and played to sold-out houses for most of the 2 week run. 31 more words

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