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Race Report : Mens Health Survival of the Fittest Edinburgh

This weekend we flew all the way up to Edinburgh from Stansted so I could take on the penultimate MHSOTF. Having already done London, Cardiff and… 153 more words


4. एडिन्बरात शिरताना...

विंडरमिअरहून एडिन्बराला निघालो. लेक डिस्ट्रिक्टमधून बाहेर पडायची इच्छा होत नव्हती. म्हणून मुद्दामच सुरवातीला मोटरवे न घेता आतल्या मार्गाने जायचं ठरवलं. पुन्हा एकदा सुंदर आणि शांत रस्त्यावरून दगडी आणि देखणी घरं बघत, टुमदार गावं ओलांडत पुढे जात राहिलो.



THE upcoming move to Myreside together with the recent upturn in performances and results presents an opportunity for Edinburgh Rugby bosses to market the team more effectively. 1,010 more words

Pro Game

I confess

Yes, I did it. I bought the first Christmas goodies: Stollen and Lebkuchenherzen. I have the feeling that one of the “Lebkuchen Hearts” bags will be opened tonight. 20 more words


Boys Will Be Boys: The Printing Press

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of sampling a new menu at The Printing Press bar and Kitchen. Beers, bites and burgers is the theme of the Boys Will Be Boys package offering hungry men with a penchant for craft beer, their perfect food and drink platter to enjoy with friends. 227 more words

Staying real in a world of travel p**n: an oxymoron?

I’ve had a picture-heavy post sitting in my drafts folder for months.

I wanted to put it up. It was a joyful trip, one that I had a lot of fun on and discovered a beautiful city. 901 more words


Iconic Leith Sports Shop blows the final whistle

Footballers flood to Leith to pay tribute as local shop will take to the bench permanently.

Leith Athletic Ltd will close next week after 45 years of business. 174 more words