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Edinburgh Rocks

Despite my protestations that Glasgow is a better city than Edinburgh, I do love a good visit to the Capital city. With friends in the past and present living there, I’ve had ample opportunities to visit, as well as attending theatre shows and exhibitions with my family throughout the years. 1,897 more words



.. 這遊戲,說起來都是上個世紀的事了,我用修改遊戲儲存數據的方式,輕鬆演繹著不同版本的三國故事,由此記住了許多地名,人名,現在讀到時,仍倍感親切,或許還是仰賴這遊戲吧,才會去反復閱讀三國演義,過後讀到柏楊的品三國,司馬遼太郎的項羽對劉邦,閱讀就成了一種習慣,開拓到不同領域 .. 開啓這一切的 ~是遊戲 ..

– – 02/06/2016 Photo
– – 03/06/2016 Photo
– – 25/09/2016


The Street - Direction

I have taken inspiration from the town I’ve grown up in, Edinburgh. After taking pictures around Glasgow and looking down memory lane; travelling round New Zealand and my home London, Edinburgh is what I’ve known longest so it made sense to me to use this as a base. 193 more words


Out of the Blue flea market

I moved to Leith. Where Abbeyhill is full of craft shops, studios and hobby-making; Leith is grittier with graffiti, murals, take-aways, independent shops and, as I happily discovered today, a flea market. 330 more words


Studies of the head

Jill M Boualaxai visited The Mary Erskine School this morning to run a portraiture workshop for open day.

The girls were challenged with a series of drawing exercises and as a result produced these confident drawings which are crammed full of exciting marks and give a sense of the 3 dimensional qualities of the head…..

Art Classes

In The Beginning

In a couple of months, I’ll have been vegan for 20 years. This is half my life time. When I was a kid, I was a closet vegetarian. 594 more words


6 reasons to visit Scotland in autumn

For our indie travel journal, A Year in the UK & Ireland, we ventured to Scotland for two months over September and October 2015 – and we were blown away. 31 more words