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Interview: David Horrigan, Legal Content Director at kCura

At the tail end of last summer, I had the opportunity to talk to David Horrigan, General Counsel and Legal Content Director at kCura… 160 more words


Bob Tennant of Recommind: it's about finding the documents that matter

It is of course a good thing that the eDiscovery software market offers competing solutions to clients. Competition means choice; it also means that software providers must strive to keep invention up and costs down. 543 more words


Eddie Sheehy of Nuix talks about the need for speed and context in investigations

Speed is important in eDiscovery whether that is for litigation or for investigations. This is partly because time is money, and anything which reduces time reduces also the cost of the investigation, but there are other reasons why the advantage lies with the party who can get most quickly to the data which matters and turn it into usable information. 194 more words


Interview: US Magistrate Judge Peck on cross-border discovery after Schrems

Shortly after the Schrems judgment was published, I moderated a panel on cross-border discovery at Lawtech Europe Congress in Brussels.

One of the panellists was… 449 more words


Tom Palladino of NightOwl Discovery talks about the advantages of working directly for corporations

NightOwl Discovery, based in Minneapolis, has been providing discovery services for corporations and law firms for many years.

I had the opportunity to interview its president, … 139 more words


Forthcoming webinars on the rules and practice directions and on identification and retrieval of documents

I am about to record two video webinars with MBL Seminars covering different aspects of eDisclosure in England and Wales.

One, to be broadcast on 25 February, is called… 208 more words


Education and cross-border eDiscovery at kCura's Relativity Fest

Yes, I know it has been weeks since kCura’s Relativity Fest in Chicago, but that was the first of a series of events, each of which got in the way of reporting on the last. 655 more words