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Read the documents and then decide their relevance. What - all of them?

An article in the Law Society Gazette is headed High Court backs predictive coding in first contested case. It is a report on the judgment which I mentioned briefly last week in which clients of BLP won the right to use predictive coding for the purposes of giving disclosure. 1,216 more words


Now we have a contested predictive coding application succeeding in the UK

Yesterday morning, I moderated a panel at the IICE Summit on the subject of Pyrrho and predictive coding. Even as we were talking, the court was delivering a judgment in another case in favour of a party seeking to use predictive coding for disclosure in the face of opposition. 69 more words


Adi Elliott of Epiq talks about using the DMX eDiscovery Dashboards to gain business intelligence

Adi Elliott is Vice President, Market Planning, Discovery, for Epiq. I caught up with him in Hong Kong shortly after Epiq’s announcement of enhancements to the DMX eDiscovery Dashboards, and I asked him about them. 165 more words


Discussing online courts as we fight about the cost of paper bundles. An institutional shambles

Two recent documents will be of interest to those who are concerned (in the widest sense of the word) with the development of online courts in England and Wales. 1,275 more words


Epiq webinar on 18 May: Understanding why REAL managed services and eDiscovery makes a REAL difference

Daniel Gold of Epiq is presenting a webinar on 18 May called Understanding why REAL managed services and eDiscovery makes a REAL difference.

The capitalisation of the word REAL implies that some levels of service are less comprehensive than others. 35 more words