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Daniel Pelc of NightOwl Discovery talks about mobile technology discovery

Daniel Pelc is Senior Consultant, eDiscovery Management, at NightOwl Discovery.

His responsibilities include helping NightOwl’s clients with the management of mobile devices and data in anticipation of, or in reaction to, discovery demands for it. 140 more words


FTI webinar on 25 May: How predictive coding is changing the legal landscape

FTI Consulting is producing a webinar on 25 May in conjunction with The Lawyer on the changes we can expect from the use of predictive coding in litigation, investigations and related areas of compliance, and the resolution (and avoidance) of disputes. 459 more words


ZyLAB introduces eDiscovery as a service

As I noted in a recent article, ZyLAB has been producing search software, and applying it to eDiscovery requirements, for many years.

Most ZyLAB users own and manage their software in-house. 142 more words


Relativity webinar on 27 April: From Ashley Madison to the eBay hack – cybersecurity best practices

Relativity is presenting a webinar on 27 April with the title From Ashley Madison to the eBay hack – cybersecurity best practices.

It is said that one third of in-house counsel have admitted that their companies have experienced a data breach. 121 more words


Consilio webinar with Exterro on 27 April: working with IT and Legal effectively

Consilio is producing a webinar in conjunction with Exterro for broadcast on 27 April with the title Working with IT / Legal effectively. It covers a long-standing issue within many organisations – communication between IT and legal departments. 140 more words


Customers, products and people: Keith James, CEO of AccessData, talks about changes at the company

From the outside, we are seeing a lot of changes at AccessData. We are seeing developments in product, we are seeing new initiatives with clients, we are seeing new people. 1,092 more words