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APT Search is looking for a review manager in London

APT Search, who specialise in eDiscovery / eDisclosure recruitment, are seeking someone to take the role of management review leader / review manager based in London. 33 more words

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ZyLAB webinar on 30 June: eDiscovery-proof your email archive

ZyLAB is presenting a webinar on Tuesday 30 June at 1:00 PM EDT with the title eDiscovery-proof your email archive.

There is not much room for dispute about the importance of maintaining an email archive of messages needed to meet eDiscovery duties and to comply with the requirements of regulators. 137 more words


Recommind eDisclosure webinar: powering through investigations from LIBOR to FIFA

Those whose work consists only of litigation, of whatever size, generally think that the eDisclosure burdens placed on them are onerous. Those burdens, and in particular the timelines, can look pretty relaxed when compared with what has to be done, often urgently, for an investigation. 146 more words


kCura webinar on 24 June: Second Requests demystified: using assistive review in HSR filings

HSR stands for Hart-Scott-Rodino and to the Antitrust Improvements Act which bears these names. The act requires companies to file detailed information in certain circumstances with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice who might then request further information in order to assess whether a proposed transaction is anti-competitive in nature or may offend anti-trust laws. 84 more words


Contrasting "that whole truth and justice approach that us Yanks have" with the rest of the world. Really?

Those who skim articles rather than read them might conclude that this post is anti-US in tone. It is not – half my audience comes from the US and I am interested in balanced views not competing claims for purity. 2,526 more words


Part 2 of iCONECT white paper: 4 reasons why they say you shouldn't use predictive review

I wrote here about a webinar produced by iCONECT, makers of the iCONECT-XERA review platform, in which iCONECT addresses some of the reasons – excuses may be a better word – which lawyers give for not using predictive review. 58 more words


See what you've been missing on FTI Technology's new website

A little way down the home page on its new website, FTI Technology has an unrecognisable blotch of pixels with the tagline “See what you’ve been missing…” 473 more words