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Interview: Max Cockerill of Blackdot Solutions talks about Blackdot’s integration with Relativity

One of the strengths of kCura’s Relativity is the flexible home it offers to other companies whose products involve the collection and use of data. An increasing number of niche products are extending their uses, and their user bases, by integration with Relativity. 118 more words


Heart pacemaker data admissible in arson trial

I have made reference recently to various sources of data which potentially provide information for use in civil and criminal proceedings and which go well beyond conventional sources such as email. 77 more words


Managing data with Nuix Insight

Nuix brings together the disciplines of investigations, eDiscovery, cyber security and information governance, all of which involve extracting and managing useful information from data.

An article called… 157 more words


Consilio: can you trust law firms with your data?

I remember as a young solicitor being at a meeting with a partner who was asked about the security of information held in the offices. The security, he said, lay in the fact that it was all too boring and too difficult to find within the office. 387 more words


What will your disclosure conduct look like under the judicial spotlight?

Sometimes you look at a judgment and marvel that any human has got his or her head round the complexity of the subject matter, the law and the procedure involved in it. 958 more words


Vince Neicho brings decades of law firm experience to Integreon

Vince Neicho, long-time Litigation Support Senior Manager at Allen & Overy in London, has joined Integreon as VP and Expert Legal Solutions Consultant. A day or two after the announcement, LinkedIn served up the information that Vince had been at Allen & Overy for 42 years. 478 more words


Disclosure obligations include the form and substance of list as well as its completeness

Barrister Gordon Exall has just reached the fourth anniversary of his first publishing his Civil Litigation Brief, now an indispensable guide to civil procedure.

In one of his most recent reports (never say “the most recent” with Gordon, because he is bound to have published another one before you next look) he tells of a case called… 547 more words