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Discontent is the first necessity of progress.


Gone Edison

A True Story of Betrayal

Have you ever had an idea that was just….brilliant? An idea that you curated and honed, then used with wild success? 1,114 more words


Well, ha/e/i/o/ullo!

Simple little word, hello, isn’t it? We probably say it several times a day; we use it to answer the phone, to greet customers or clients at work maybe, as a greeting in slightly formal circumstances where ‘Hi’, ‘how do’ or other variants aren’t right, all sorts of ways. 403 more words


"With recording, everything changed"*...

To the question “When were recordings invented?,” we might be tempted to answer “1877” — the year when Thomas A. Edison was first able to record and playback sound with a phonograph.

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Edison Police Officer Arrested, Charged With Assault On Belmar Officer

Breaking: Officer Dmitry Smolkin was arrested in Belmar Sunday, where he allegedly assaulted a police officer and resisted arrest.

By Carly Baldwin (Patch Staff) – Updated June 14, 2017 10:45 am ET… 132 more words

Police Misconduct

Is Technology shaping us and the future?

We have talked quite a bit about Artificial Intelligence as well as technology in a broader sense [AI under the loup] and the inventions of the personal computer, the tablet and smartphone has certainly shaped our lives, and yes, Kapiti SeniorNet wouldn’t be around today to assist you without them. 731 more words

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