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WATCH: Faction Releases Brutal Crash Reel Set To Classical Music

There’s no better way to unwind than a opening vintage scotch, putting on some classical music, and sitting down to watch some serious diggers from the Faction Collective. 6 more words


Premiere Pro

This is the Project Pane. This allows us to organize the contents of our project and access what else we want to add into the project.The Source Monitor lets us look at the content we get from the Project Pane and look at it to see what we want to edit and add into the Timeline.The time line lets us put together the clips we want to add to our project along with other media such as music.  685 more words


If James Joyce did it...You can do better

Ah, the editing process. That time when you begin to have serious concerns that you have been living under the egotistical delusion that you can write. 199 more words


Second Drafters (and calling all Beta Readers!)

As Ernest Hemingway so eloquently stated, “The first draft of anything is shit.”

When I started writing my first draft of Everything We Buried*, I was determined to beat the odds.  565 more words


Mây họa ánh trăng - Chương 21

Chương 21: Ngươi, rốt cuộc vì sao lại khóc?

Chỉ còn một ngày nữa là đến ngày thi giảng kinh, dù có học hành thế nào cũng thấy không đủ. 7,551 more words

Mây Họa Ánh Trăng - Yoon Yi Soo

Ready for delivery!

Ready for delivery!


Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. (AIM Global) is indeed the Ideal Business for YOU who have the heart to Dream Big and committed enough to work smart to Make It Happen. 122 more words

AIM Global International

HexLayer tones - 6 times the fun

Casio’s HexLayer system was originally in Casio’s XW-P1. Since then it has become a more powerful sound shaping tool in the other products like the PX-5S, PX-560 and MZ-X500. 292 more words