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Gun-Ota + Announcement

Hey everyone,

I´m back, who is happy to see me? *distant silence with bird chirping*


First of all: Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei shitara Volume 1-4 is up and running. 352 more words


Censorship or Editing?

Some call it censorship, others call it editing.
Do you think anything can be published or is there a red line that can’t be crossed? 29 more words


Love Poem #1

did I love you so.

till the stars all died.
I would have loved you.

I don’t know what happened.
but I lost myself… 189 more words


I never needed you.

whenever i talk to cute boys
i remove myself from the equation.
they are already cute boys
but what am I?

I remove my strength, my courage, and my value. 135 more words


I know my place now and you're not a part of it.

how could I lower my standards
so much to allow you in?

where the fuck was I?
because who the fuck does that to themselves? 57 more words

I've learned to become my own person, again.

losing you, however,

was like losing myself.
because you were my definition.

I pushed you away
and denied your love.

but essentially,
it was more than that. 30 more words