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Tutorial 6: Pop Art

The goal of this tutorial was to make a picture into the cutout-colorful pop art style! This was inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art work. It utilizes a lot of bright color choices and repetition of the same picture. 144 more words


Tutorial 5: Polaroid Transfer Effect

The goal of this project was to create a distressed, vintage looking frame. This included a distressed template, a brush made of small scratches, vignette blur, and a sepia overtone. 169 more words


Tutorial 4: Lens Flare

The goal of this project was to add a simple lens flare effect to a photograph. However, while Photoshop has it’s own built in lens flare, this tutorial allows you to adjust the intensity of the flare. 144 more words


Tutorial 3: Colorful Poster

The goal of this project was to create a colorful poster. This incorporated text, changing colors of a portrait picture, and matching fun background colors. It helped students learn about the pen tool, masking, and using image adjustments to change coloring. 125 more words


a journey never ends

ya the journey has began…leaving all…i don’t want any tomorrow..i want to live this moments my present..i want to run , live ,laugh ,love , fly but i don’t want to stop…. 7 more words