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Redditor Edits "Passengers" Into A Horror Movie

An enterprising Reddit user by the handle of u/SneakyBadAss took the time to re-edit the 2016 movieĀ Passengers into a horror movie. The new edit puts you in the perspective of Jennifer Laurence. 104 more words


Return to the Cat Cafe

After months, I finally went back to that cat cafe I visited earlier this year. I found out recently that it had been closed for a bit due to renovations. 62 more words

Photo Journal

Warm Roses

The mornings have been coming a little earlier and earlier each day. It hasn’t impacted my sleep cycle all too much just yet, but it will soon enough.

Photo Journal

-HDR Images-

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a form of photography whereby you take 1 normal exposed, 1 underexposed and 1 overexposed image and then layer them on top of each other, which in turn will give you an effect. 18 more words