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Paranoid Single (edited)

(original – https://popcornofthemind.wordpress.com/2015/02/14/paranoid-single/)

Fear the brute that creates
Fraudulent naked boys in flight
Chucking arrows of a broken song –
An incomplete aria, the monster… 116 more words


Never show a rough draft.

You write a concept straight out of your head. A lot is misspelled and grammatically incorrect. You don’t want to lose the idea so you forge on, planning to edit after you have recorded the idea. 99 more words


Maya (edited)

(original – https://popcornofthemind.wordpress.com/2015/06/17/maya/)

Little brown birds
Hopping on the pavement
Staring with perfect black spheres
Pellucid and knowing.
Some depart and perch on branches… 195 more words


A Woman in Love : The Formula by Maya Sharma Sriram

Marriage in the Indian context has many layers to it. It is a coming of age, the joining of families, the next step of the journey, so on and on. 393 more words


The reason why ALDUB TVCs are edited on Kapamilya channel

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Are you curious why Alden and Maine’s commercial are not full shown on ABS-CBN Network? 17 more words

So different that it’s almost similar.
The light and dark are like that.
The dark devours everything in its wake including the light while the white engulfs everything in its beauty including the dark. 24 more words