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Titanic Belfast

We applied online (Okay – Robert did) and we got tickets for all of us to see The Grand Staircase.  To tell you the truth I was kind of under whelmed at the idea s we didn’t manage to get ticket s for the main event.  197 more words


#102 Paid and Published Author!!

The Feature was published today but not online as yet- so here it is from my word doc-  the finished feature as I sent to the editor….. 1,146 more words


#101 Found new Relation

I had a wonderful email from a person whose grand-father was Ediths uncle.  How amazing was that :)

Sunday I had a phone call from a long lodt friend who found me via my blog, and this morning a long amazing email. 41 more words


#88 Possible 'article'? Woo Hoo!!!

A huge positive about the corporate world – yes read that again – there were positives about it – was that it taught me that being pushy was a good thing.  157 more words


#87 Titanic - Edith drowns at 26

Hello my dedicated followers and you stray googlers.  Here is a new edition of my Titanic story…..sent out to Independent today – fingers crossed this one makes it into the Weekend Magazine :) 850 more words

#81 Our Titantic Story

Hi Everyone, here is a first draft of  a feature I am writing of discovering Robert had ancestors drowned on the Titanic – hope you like it?  1,338 more words