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Between the rain, light

It has been cold this month of May, and it has been raining quite a bit, too. I want to sing that childhood song about wanting the rain to go away. 168 more words

Living Well

Temporarily Single, Day 12

I have been conscious for a very long time that we change in relationships and that not all relationships are the same. I see some of these couples I know who are together 6, 8, 12 years, and they don’t seem to spend much time together, always seeming to be checking in elsewhere, with friends, with bars, with alcohol somewhere. 571 more words

Creative Nonfiction

A Perfect City Day?

Have I had the perfect city day today?  If I was reviewing today on Amazon, it would receive a glowing and strong four out of five stars.   796 more words


Old New York

Occasionally I suffer from a little bout of romantic nostalgia. What to read then? I don’t care much for the Barbara Cartland like novels.  I know quite intelligent people that read them, but they are not for me.   411 more words

Literary Bits

And it was all going *so* well.....

… my decluttering of the house, that is – as I’ve been carting off books to the charity shops every week and even selling a few online. 212 more words

House of Mirth

Book one of The House of Mirth depicts the purely materialistic nature of the world Lily Bart seeks to find a place in. I feel like a lot of the writing I have done in college so far has revolved around censuring materialism and structures of power in novels, but I think I neglect to elaborate on why these themes appear so much in novels in the first place. 300 more words