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“The prolongation of the house”, was how the avid gardener and writer Edith Wharton once described Italian gardens. In addition to her fiction, Edith created 7 homes for herself over the course of her career and wrote several non-fiction books regarding the subject of home. 847 more words

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Caring for YOUR Dog's Heart

Sitting with Edith last night while she panted and panted next to me on the Frank bed, I wanted to do more for her. She’s exhausted. 1,093 more words

Literary Links: Rankine on Dismantling White Dominance, Literature and Economic Disparity

Here at Flavorwire, we pride ourselves on not only writing some of the best content on the internet, but keeping an eye on all of the great writing that other folks on the ‘net are doing, too. 661 more words


Jamesian Narrators in The Figure in the Carpet and Daisy Miller

As my master’s exam approaches, I’ve been writing snippets of observations in order to establish connections between the books I read. While the M.A. exam list is a rather large beast, it’s also an opportunity to read enormous amounts of genre-defining literature from various periods and places in relation to one another. 979 more words

Downton's Debt

Who did not adore Downton Abbey?

It satisfied our insatiable appetite for Edwardian aristocratic grandeur and elegant drawing-room society.  Above all, the exquisite rendering of belle époque costumes added a level of historical authenticity that I particularly loved. 948 more words

American Dollar Princesses

Wharton's Light

‘There are two ways of spreading light… ’ wrote Edith Wharton in The Age of Innocence. ‘To be the candle or the mirror reflecting it.’ 961 more words

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A Real Rescue

Where to begin? The cuteness? The adorable sounds? The AMAZING mama dog who has completely stolen my heart? So much to tell you!

We’ll start with the obvious. 1,140 more words