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Walking a tightrope. 4/21/15

“Life is always either a tightrope or a feather bed.

Give me the tightrope.”

-Edith Wharton

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David Mamet’s Boston Marriage offers a female-focused answer to American Buffalo

David Mamet is famous, or notorious, for writing plays with either no roles for women or bad ones. The second part of the charge isn’t altogether fair,  but in 1999 he seems to have taken it seriously enough to have written a play with an all-female cast. 918 more words


Life is the only real counsellor

Life is the only real counsellor

It’ s the Spring, a heartbeat at my feet
Tightrope above a feather bed
Looking down on beauty
From on high, landscape, foreign grounds… 134 more words


Day 688: The Age of Innocence

I have certainly read The Age of Innocence before, but it was not until this rereading that I gained a full appreciation for its subtlety and complexity. 499 more words


On having and holding books

Those who really care for books are seldom content to restrict them to the library, for nothing adds more to the charm of a drawing room than a well-designed bookcase: an expanse of beautiful bindings is as decorative as a fine tapestry.

533 more words