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Crimson Peak

I finaaally saw Crimson Peak, I feel like I’ve been dying to see it for hundreds of years (yes I know it just came out this past November). 69 more words

Manual 365/13 Oh, Timmy might die because… You know… Some People Are Arseholes.

One thing I have noticed while on my travels over the last few weeks is that no matter what the situation, if there happens to be a member of the public wandering anywhere close or its somebody’s’ place of work there will be a sign, normally rectangle glaring with primary colours shouting at you (and ruining loads of decent pictures) to “mind the bloody obvious!” (Green) Or “don’t break the law”(red and white) or “this will really kill you if you’re stupid enough to touch / climb / lick it.” (Yellow) 234 more words


Downton Abbey 6.2

I don’t know why I hope for a faster pace with Downton Abbey, but I often do. I should know by now that Julian Fellows likes to draw things out; it’s his style. 428 more words


Farewell Florida

We leave for Maryland at o’dark thirty in the morning. Going to pack the car and go to bed. I know it is early, but tomorrow will be a long day. 153 more words


We're Back.

And we’re back from hiatus.  With a vengeance, I might add.

I had said on my last blog post that I needed to put family first for a while, and place my photography on the back burner.   410 more words

Generator Photography

Crimson Peak / Writing Epiphany

I was going to review Crimson Peak… until fellow DFWCon-er Rachel put up this post. She hits every point I could’ve possibly hoped to make, then adds a frigate full of sad-eyed kittens. 999 more words