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Edith - Dreams (1993)

4 out of 5 Stars!

Talk about obscure and hard to locate! Dreams, Edith’s third release, is the one album I was finally able to track down and acquire through the years by this defunct Italian band from the 1990s. 315 more words

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6TM family stories

Continuing our study of emigration to the UK from the Caribbean in the years following the Second World War, we looked on Friday more broadly at movement of people around the world, starting right back when our earliest ancestors, the first Homo sapiens, migrated out of Africa 100,000 years ago.   263 more words

Edith Bolling Wilson Letters During President's Stroke

Edith Bolling Wilson Letters During President’s Stroke
Very Rare Lot Of Three Autograph Letters Signed By Edith Bolling Wilson As First Lady From October 1919, Roughly Two Weeks After President Wilson’s Debilitating Stroke That Led Edith To Hide His Condition From Even His Closest Advisors. 439 more words


Enjoy "Book Signing: Dr. Edith Eva Eger-Holocaust Survivor" while staying in extended stay in El Paso

Dr. Edith Eva Eger is a Holocaust survivor, therapist, speaker, and author. While staying in extended stay in El Paso, Dr. Eger will discuss her acclaimed new book, “The Choice”. 100 more words

Autumn is here

The past few weeks we have had a lot of rainy autumn days, but we have also got the chance to pick a lot of mushrooms in the forest and go for nice walks in the crisp autumn air. 24 more words


Remembering summer

It is raining and the leaves are starting to change color. It feels like fall is here and we are remembering our summer…

Lovely walks by the sea: 265 more words