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Amongst a donation last week was a book which is called ‘The Place Names of Warwickshire’. The spine has that printed on it and ‘English Place Names Society XIII’ and the crest for Cambridge Press. 607 more words

Ragazzo Di Periferia x Rivista Scioc: Issue #001 - Nuove Forme Del Sacro mix

“La Bella Addormentata di Palermo nell’Azoto Wireless” is the first mix instalment for Rivista Scioc Magazine. It is made up of lost gems and edits, dreamy dubs now with voice, dead ends and hyper luvs. 155 more words


Spring showed itself today in the form of a warm, breezy afternoon. With the new season, comes the longing for chicks. I keep stealing glances at the Tractor Supply, and searching baby chick pictures on Google. 479 more words


Just Think About It, Edith.

Edith dear,

In the past I know I have been hard on you. Pro Mary, anti Edith. I don’t know if Mary and I—both oldest sisters—had some kind of connection or what, but my opinion has done a complete 180. 224 more words


9.3.83 Wednesday +6°

Again fog and storm.

At 10.30 am Edith called, they drive on the 15.3 to Karl Marx City, I will meet them in Lichtenberg.

2pm to the dentist.

Book Review - Memories of My Melancholy Whores

TITLE: Memories of My Melancholy Whores

AUTHOR: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
TRANSLATED BY: Edith Grossman
FORMAT: Hardback


Originally in Spanish, Memories of My Melancholy Whores tells the story of an old man, starting on the eve of his 90th birthday.  305 more words

Book Reviews

Kombucha on Tap and Edith Piaf


kramers serves kombucha on tap.

3.99, 4.99, 6.99, 12.99, 5.99

transferring money, transferring ten

i want more.

transferring fifteen.

I really am ,


a waste of money. 625 more words