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How to add words without bloating. | Celticfrog Editing

What? My primo piece of fiction is just the right size. Okay, okay, I’ll add some more words to conform to your requirements. Now, how do I do that without destroying the perfect balance in my story? 10 more words

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5 Tips for Organizing Subplots - Helping Writers Become Authors

Subplots are those things you keep in your story’s basement, right? And you bring them out to entertain your readers while other boring stuff is happening in your story, right? 40 more words

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Colonial Authority: Chapter 4 - Heritage

The Starport’s commuter coach deposited her at a stop in portion of the Star City called ‘The Hills’, very close to Raven’s estate. Just as Chase promised the mansion was within a few dozen meters of the seventh stop. 2,453 more words


hero's journey

People often talk about the Hero’s Journey type of story. Here is an excellent explanation and description of it.

Source: hero’s journey

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When to Deep Six that story. | Celticfrog Editing

You’ve been struggling with this prince of a story idea and now, despite all your best efforts, it has turned irrevocably into the ugliest frog you have ever seen. 13 more words

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How to Write a Fight Scene in 11 Steps

The hardest part of writing a fight scene is getting all the action from your head onto the page and making it feel real.

How to write a fight scene like the ones in Harry Potter and The Hunger Games… 9 more words

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An Editor Changed Your Work. Now What?

Working with an editor can be a funny thing. Often, a writer will send work to an editor, ostensibly understanding the purpose of the editorial process—that is, to make the work tighter, clearer, … 483 more words