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When Does Writing Get Easier? The 4 Steps to Mastery - Helping Writers Become Authors

Ooh, ooh, ooh GOOD news! :D

“When does writing get easier?” is a question I’m often asked. And yet, all these years, I’ve been giving the wrong answer. 19 more words


Remembering Theme When Lost

Good afternoon, Squiders! We’ll start our next nonfic topic about coming up with ideas and expanding them into something workable next week. I still need to finish outlining the topic before we get started. 531 more words


Whose Story Is It? Self-Editing for Point of View - The Book Designer

You should always be the final authority on your book. Here are some tips on self-editing and POV to help you out.

By Rachel E. NewmanWhen I first realized my passion for editing, I had long recognized my love for books and stories. 28 more words


Episode 146: Create Compelling Character Arcs — with K.M. Weiland

A really fascinating, forty-four-minute interview with K.M. Weiland about character arcs.

In this episode, Gabriela interviews author K.M. Weiland about the three types of character arcs, how to craft them, and how to fix a story with no arc. 10 more words


Making or Breaking a Book Cover: Font Choices – Wordquill

Today, a word on cover font choices and how important they can be.

This entry is part of 1 in the series Making or Breaking a Book CoverMaking or Breaking a Book CoverMaking or Breaking a Book Cover: Font Choices Did you know that using the right or wrong font is one thing that can make or break your book cover? 19 more words


How to Write in an Authentic Historical Voice - Helping Writers Become Authors

Getting just the right mix of accuracy and accessibility will put your book in the sweet spot for your readers and make them feel right at home. 38 more words


This, that, and the other thing – Wordquill

Proper usage of some very often used words can trip us up.

There are words every author knows to avoid. Lists abound on the internet, software like prowritingaid.com will tell you how often you use them and even suggest how many you should cut. 32 more words