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Editing: The Art of Self-Surgery

You know that scene in Master and Commander where Dr. Maturin has to fish a bullet out of his own belly?  That’s about how I think of self editing.  1,036 more words


3 Ways to Manage a Huge Cast of Characters - Helping Writers Become Authors

So … you’ve got this marvelous but large cast of characters populating your story. Here is how to keep your readers from being confused and unable to follow the story. 37 more words


How to Keep Deadline Creep from Killing Your Newsletter

Let’s say you publish a monthly newsletter to keep employees or customers informed about your business. Your submission deadline is the first of each month, but whenever it approaches, you realize you’ve got almost nothing for the upcoming issue. 390 more words

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In language, mob rules.

Salut, Writer Peeps!

For those who forgot, and for new readers, Monday blogs are about writing and editing and books and reading and all things word related. 913 more words

Kathryn A. Frazier

The Basics: Editing Tools


13-Week Rewrite, Week Two: The New Beginning

Ok, after last week, you now have a more specific outline. You’ve followed all your story beats all the way through, and imagined the most compelling order of events through which to tell your story. 1,105 more words

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