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Checklist: How do you know if your book is ready to publish? - Kelsye Nelson

Some interesting thoughts on being ready to publish.

Uncertain if you book is ready to be released into the wild? You want to publish your best book possible. 52 more words


More Praise

I shared some praise I received earlier this week, and I thought I should post this too. Editing can be a pretty solitary (and critical) profession at times, so I’ll take the compliments when they come. 55 more words


4 Ways to Verify Your Story Concept Is Strong Enough - Helping Writers Become Authors

How to keep tell if your story concept is a keeper or a waste of neurons.

Many a cool story concept has turned into a wasted story. 32 more words


Highlights from May, June, and July

It’s nearing the end of July, and we’ve got a heatwave in Philadelphia. I’m beating the sweltering weather during these dog days in the central air, as I wrap up several projects with impending deadlines. 135 more words


How to Write Subtext in Dialogue - Helping Writers Become Authors

There’s sub-what in dialogue?

The secret to great dialogue? It’s all about what’s NOT being said. Learn these quick tips on how to write subtext in dialogue. 11 more words


Insert Break - when to start a new paragraph, scene, or chapter

by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

When I first started writing seriously, I was surprised at how I suddenly started to second-guess myself about the most basic things. I found myself googling “What is a sentence?” and “When should you start a new chapter?” I was worried that the chunks of text that made up my story were too long, or too brief, or too convoluted, or too sparse. 962 more words

Writing Lessons

You know what your book means… but does the reader? Tackle it with two mindsets | Nail Your Novel

Channeling your readers mindset can help you write more with them in mind.

Have you ever had this type of comment in feedback? ‘You’re grasping for a strong thematic purpose. 35 more words