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Are You Confusing Readers? - Live Write Breathe

Clarity is essential in writing, where communicating through body language isn’t an option. Wordiness muddles your manuscript and  confuses readers.

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Finding a Writing Muse

Last winter took its toll and this meant no writing for three months. During this time I discovered podcasts. When I cannot write I read, but this time neither was an option. 318 more words


Left, Right, Left … Write. Do-it-yourself structural editing.

What I love about writing crime mysteries is the constant interplay between the left and the right hemispheres of my brain. The trick is to make them work together. 433 more words

Writing Tips

Troubleshooting a Problematic Chapter: The issue isn't where you think it is

by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

So, I’m still working on this ‘editing journey’ with Divided Elements. It’s not so much a journey of ordered paths and clean lines as it is a 90s mosh pit that spits me in and out and jams me up against a whole slew of obstacles. 420 more words

My Writing Journey

Jello and Contests and STUFF

Ever have one of those days when you don’t want to get out of bed? Like, for days? Not the depression kind, where you’re going “Fuck my life – just leave me alone while I sink into this bowl of jello.” Oddly similar though. 509 more words


Fiction University: Me or You? Choosing Between First and Third Point of View

Point of View needs to be a conscious, intentional decision based on what is best for your story and your readers.

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