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5 qualities of a brilliant story | Nail Your Novel

We all think our stories are brilliant, right? That is, we do until someone else reads them. Then we doubt ourselves big time. Here are some ways to extend that confidence from the brilliant Roz Morris. 49 more words


I’ve spent most of my time editing my WIP’s, but I’ve also started writing a fourth novel. I was actually plotting a campfire story (I still don’t know whether it’s going to be a novel or a novella at this point), but I got stuck. 80 more words


Who Said What? - Identifying Dialogue Speakers - Helping Writers Become Authors

Few things frustrate a reader more than losing track of “who said what.” Learn how to avoid frustrating your readers.

Learn the pitfalls of not properly identifying your dialogue speakers–and how to easily correct the problem. 12 more words


Writing Is the Least Important Part of Your Book

Writers, put down those red pens, because I have bad news for you.

We’ve all seen the lists of words to weed from your prose, phrases editors hate, little pet peeves that get on other writers’ nerves, and even those of a few readers. 1,471 more words


13 Week Rewrite: Week Seven - Temptation

This week, you’re rewriting up to the midpoint of your story. At this point, your protagonist experiences a temptation to retreat back to the familiar rather than going forward into the unknown. 503 more words

Writing Craft

Editing Notes: Multiple Accepted Spellings

Some words, I simply don’t know how to spell. I have to look up “maneuver” every time, I don’t know why I can’t remember that. 299 more words

8 Ways to Troubleshoot a Scene-and 5 Ways Make It Fabulous - Helping Writers Become Authors

Some excellent thoughts on how to pump some life into a scene that is just not working for you.

Using these simple brainstorming tricks, you can figure out how to troubleshoot a scene and turn it into one of the highlights of your entire manuscript. 14 more words