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How to Spot and Leave Out the Parts That Bore Readers - Helping Writers Become Authors

This is the part that is so hard for so many authors. Leaving out the bits that seem so important and critical to the story in the author’s mind but, in actuality, stand to bore their readers to death. 43 more words

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Description: More than just pretty scenery – Wordquill

Adding depth of description to your story is not just writing more of it. You need to do it right. You need to use words that pull your reader deeper into your story.  69 more words

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Most Common Writing Mistakes, Pt. 60: Flat Plots - Helping Writers Become Authors

Understanding how to create interesting plots that are not boringly flat.

Here are the three most obvious (and important) entry points to creating strong, dimensional storylines, rather than boring flat plots. 12 more words

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Writing With Every Sense But What You See - Writer's Life.org

Writing what your character sees is one thing, adding in other senses makes your scene more accessible and realistic to your reader.

Writing With Every Sense But What You See… 13 more words

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Lightroom mobile Adds Selective Brush, New iPad Interface, and More

Recently I needed to grab some screenshots of Lightroom mobile on the iPad and realized that I’d been running a beta for quite a while. I deleted the beta and re-loaded the release version and was momentarily taken aback: it seemed so… 224 more words


6 Questions to Help You Choose the Right POV - Helping Writers Become Authors

So … you’ve got this great idea for a story with some wonderful characters. Now you need to choose whose eyes to view the story through. 35 more words

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5 Steps to Writing Minor Characters That Dazzle - Helping Writers Become Authors

Five steps to making minor characters so good that they fill protagonist’s major needs.

Use these five steps for writing minor characters that will fill your protagonist’s world with dazzling color and personality. 12 more words

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