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23rd April, 2017

A very quiet writing day today. I’ve edited a little, adding a couple of hundred words, but aside from that I’ve had a chill out day. 71 more words


Good Morning, Sunday - 23-4-17

This last week hasn’t been too bad. I got the short story I’ve written finished and off to Owen. I’ve made a little progress on the fanfic piece but have come to a piece which I didn’t think I’d have to rewrite but it’s not fitting into the rest of the story. 122 more words


How to Benefit From the Biggest Reason for Storytelling - Helping Writers Become Authors

Getting down to the core reasons for storytelling will help you both as a storyteller and as a person.

In order to write pertinent and powerful stories, you must first understand why art is so important. 22 more words



No words today, in fact I deleted 7200 words from the fanfic piece. I am repeating to myself ‘it makes it stronger, it makes it stronger, it makes it stronger’ and it does. 127 more words


Writing Tips: 6 Points To Consider When Writing A Memoir | The Creative Penn

When you really feel like there¬†ought to be a book about you or your experiences …

6 Points to Consider When Writing Memoir

Source: … 12 more words


19th April 2017

I’ve only written about 500 words today, half on the fanfic piece and half on the short story I’ve been working on.

I was working on the fanfic tonight, while watching a bit of TV, but it was more editing than writing. 213 more words


How to Write Stories Your Readers Will Remember - Helping Writers Become Authors

Having your stories remembered is one of the unspoken goals of all writers.


There are two types of stories. Stories that are about something, and stories that are ABOUT something. 22 more words