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Revise It! Banish the Boring Parts of Your Story Using Genre Conventions

“Don’t be boring.” It’s one of the critical parts of writing a book. Authors want to create a story so irresistible that readers will stay up way past their bedtime reading or completely ignore a pivotal football game moment in the marching band section because they were caught in a pivotal story passage. 745 more words

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But Starting Is Hard

Starting something new is way too hard.

Well, okay…it is, but…it isn’t.

When I first decided to quit my office job and work from home, it was the hardest decision of my life. 616 more words

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Revise It! Seven Checks to Make Sure Your Plot Works

Great plots aren’t borne of breathtakingly-perfect first drafts. Great plots are borne of polishing that first draft through revisions and editing. We’ve discussed beta reader feedback… 785 more words

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Revise It! The Golden Principle of Supporting Characters

Supporting characters are as vital as their name implies: they support your main characters and plot arcs so that everything runs smoothly (or horribly, as the case may be–disasters make good fiction). 804 more words

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Revise It! 6 Tips to Clean Up Characterization for Your Protagonist and Antagonist

Characterization is one of those make-or-break elements in stories. While there are genres that emphasize plotĀ moreĀ and genres that emphasize characters more, nailing both puts you on a good track to reach every possible reader and make your book unforgettable. 909 more words

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Is Self-Editing a Waste of Time?

What’s more tiring, frustrating, and confidence-crushing than writing? Self-editing, of course.

Some of us barely tolerate it. Others can’t get away from their cringeworthy first drafts fast enough. 892 more words

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How I Edit My Photos

I get a lot of questions about how I edit my photos for my Instagram and my blog so I thought I’d write a post on how to get the perfect edit! 311 more words