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The Grand Budapest Hotel - Editing

To deconstruct the editing of The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson, 2014), we analysed a scene that takes place in the 3rd act of the film. 458 more words


The Writing Advice No One Wants to Hear

I read a blog post once about ‘the writing advice you’re going to hate’ or ‘the worst writing advice ever’. In it, the author told his readers to write their book, then re-write it. 363 more words


Working Titles

Planning on not one but two novel-length pieces. Breaking down the plot to have a general framework plus a place to keep all of my random notes worked well the last time, and the loose paper made it easy to move, add, and subtract parts and replot in a way that notebooks don’t. 26 more words


Blogiversary is a Word

I just had a two year blogiversary. Yes, it’s a thing. 

I’m still here, so yay! I set a goal and followed its meandering path. A pat on the back for that for sure, as I’m not often consistent or persistent. 1,071 more words



Even if you don’t know exactly what the HDR is, or even if you have never heard of it, I assure you that you know it directly or indirectly, because you will have seen it in many images as a good devourer of photos that you are. 1,223 more words


ADR Workflow

Screenshot of my Pro Tools ADR session

This week I have been working on automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) for a short film I’m working on for my Post Production module here at Salford. 829 more words

Importance of Punctuation: Periods

Welcome to the first post series on Fiction Felines! As a lover of punctuation, I decided to write about each of English’s punctuation marks. There was a… 601 more words