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Writing Update: The Spontaneous Novella

As I stated in this post, when I am immersed in a writing project my blog suffers. It’s been weeks since my last post; every day I had the intentions of writing a review, since I did quite a bit of reading despite the writing and edits, but there never seemed to be time. 243 more words


The American continent would be appalled

If you read this on Yahoo! Sports, you probably had the same reaction I did: What the heck is “the American continent”?

Is it North America? 46 more words


Surprising Competence

As things stand I have two days to finish the current draft of the novel. I have one tricky paragraph that needs a re-write and some font issues. 240 more words



Ik ben de laatste paar dagen een beetje aan het spelen met Blender.
Blender is een mooi video bewerking programma die zeer uitgebreid is.
Vele mensen vloggen al, zelf vind ik het ook leuk om filmpjes te maken. 25 more words


My Life This July: In Which America and I Have Birthdays and I Acquire Many Books

My word, it’s the last Saturday of the month already. (Actually, the last Friday as I’m typing this, but you know. . . .) This month has been rather a whirlwind, but I find they’re all like that these days. 674 more words


Article: "Writing Children’s Books"

“Why should books for children require any less attention to the craft of writing than books for adults? The answer is that they shouldn’t.”

Source: … 7 more words


Back to earth with a bump

I’ve just started on editing the first draft of my book. Yes, I do know I have mention that I’ve finished the first draft more than once, but hey I’ve never written a book before. 229 more words