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Operatic Tail-Wagging

With the tail end of August suddenly stuck up in the air and wiggling itself at me, I suppose it’s time to throw together the monthly list of what-nots and what-is-its. 196 more words


Cast and crew: one and the same?

According to Yahoo! Movies, the “Suicide Squad” cast and crew are a single unit; either that, or the writer can’t match a verb to its subject:


Help, Mr. King! My polytunnel needs editing

I have written elsewhere how gardening and writing become mixed up in my life. But just see what happens when you don’t rein in your gardening writing, when you let your setting run riot. 703 more words

Tish Farrell Writer

Editing vs. Revising: The Real Difference

You’ve reached the point in the writing process where it’s time to make some serious changes. Congratulations!

Now it’s time to pick up that red pen and make some small and big alterations to your writing. 499 more words

15K and Counting: Book Update

So as the title vaguely suggests, I have 15,000 words for my story. Bear in mind that that is what I have typed, since I still have a few scenes hand-written, and it does not include the prologue which is about another thousand or so. 325 more words

8 Top Tips To Prevent Insanity When Resting Your Manuscript!

It took precisely 5 days and 23 hours after finishing the first draft of my novel before I lost the plot and felt like a rudderless ship. 1,157 more words