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Step 1: Land an Internship...or Several

To make money writing or editing, you have prove that you can actually do it.

Listing how many manuscripts, short stories, essays, and articles you’ve written on your resume doesn’t prove you’re any good if they’re all as-of-yet unpublished. 1,048 more words


To Edit Or Not To Edit?

Should we, as bloggers, edit our older posts?

Or should we preserve what we wrote in the past? That way we are able to reflect on who we were back then? 154 more words


Book Edits, D3 and Continuing Drawing

The vast majority of my free time in the last few weeks has been spent on book editing. I am closing on the end of the self edits and nearing the fun time when I send the book out to my editor to see what she thinks. 111 more words

Why do we procrastinate?

I love writing, I really do. It’s what I want to spend my life doing. I love to sit down at the keyboard with ideas running through my brain and my fingers struggling to keep up. 678 more words

Self Publishing

Editing Nightmares: How To Stay Error Free Without An Editor

The first draft of almost any type of writing, whether it’s a poem, an essay or a novel, is going to be awful. That’s just a given. 1,396 more words


Where Have I Been?

Hello there, friends! I’m back from the dead!

I’m sure you noticed I’ve been basically absent for the last month. What’s been keeping me?

Writing… mostly. 807 more words


Coming Back to Oz

Alas, I have been remiss.

So . . . bad things happen to good intentions. You start a blog. While writing books. You get buried in emails, kindergarten plays, school fundraisers, querying, twitter contests, revisions, more books, building a business, oh, and friends. 391 more words