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One Glorious File


Since I’ve finished recording, editing and implementing all the sounds for silent, all that remains for me to do is mix everything together.

I started by exporting all the sound effects as one audio file and opened it as a fresh project in Cubase. 176 more words


Finishing the SFX


Today I wanted to try a finish the sound effects of the video. All I had to do was add some additional ambience, as Manny recommended I do from our last chat via email. 245 more words


Rough Cut


For today my goal was to get a rough cut of all the sounds. I had recorded everything I wanted to, so for the remaining sounds I planned to build the effects with existing recordings I had captured. 666 more words


Final Recording Session


I spent most of the day today recording the last of the sounds I would need to finish silent based of my original cue sheet. 620 more words


Making a Projector


Since Manny had suggested we should have the sound of a projector in the cinema, I spent some time today figuring out how to get one. 198 more words


From Pasta to Train


For today’s session in the studio I recorded another handful of sounds.

I started by recording a few slaps for when the bird gets hit. 625 more words


Fun with a Tape Recorder


Another afternoon spent in the studio today recording sounds for silent. Today’s main focus was to record multiple different layers for the music box and when it fails. 646 more words