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Pros & Cons of Self-publishing an E-book

Pros & Cons of self-publishing an e-book

The Pros

  1. Uploading is easy.
  2. If you go with a company, you can leave it be & let go!.
  3. 123 more words


It all had began with a lost contact. Three months ago I sat on a couch as my irritatingly dry contact somehow made its way out of my eye onto the floor. 478 more words

Tip of the Day: The doctor practises medicine in a medical practice.

This is one of those words that has two different spellings, but only in UK English. If you are using US English, it is always  34 more words

Writing And Editing

Whose mistake is it?

Who’s responsible for this homophonic error on Yahoo! Beauty? Whose mistake is it?

Who doesn’t know that who’s is a contraction of who is or… 6 more words


The Big Book Announcement!

Over last fall and winter I wrote a book, tentatively titled The Complete Canadian Book Editor, which has been accepted by Brush Education in Calgary, Alberta, and is poised for publication in Fall 2016. 190 more words


Take 2

This is the second attempt at the above shot. I set out to capture the same yellows in the sky as last time but the sun didn’t cooperate. 106 more words