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I Have No Idea...

… what I’m doing.

It came to my attention today that I’ve been talking about this process of writing and editing, but more recently working on submitting query letters, and I feel like I actually have no idea what I’m doing. 854 more words

January 22, 1947

Hobbies keep us happy, and they help to keep us out of trouble.

It should come as no surprise, then, that a hobby is as individualized as the person enjoying it. 345 more words


Accidental Plagiarism

Are students who plagiarise cheaters? When I began working in the university sector nearly a decade ago, I assumed that everyone who plagiarised was a cheater. 454 more words


Who Cares About the Oxford Comma?

Who cares about the Oxford comma? Plenty of people, it seems. Many writers, editors and language purists have strong feelings about whether or not the Oxford comma should be used. 1,258 more words

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Daily Writing Inspiration

The hardest thing to do sometimes is step away!


Who Is This WB, and Why Do I Want Her To Read My Book?

I am thrilled to announce this partnership. Tory is such an amazing person and has such a wonderful soul. I am very happy to work with her on all of your projects. 332 more words


Too Scared to be Scared

I’ve been doing things differently lately, putting a focus on prioritizing my goals rather than letting time slip by me as I waste it doing unrewarding things. 794 more words