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Four Books

Wow. I mean wow.

After I did the blog about productivity and stuff, I started to think about the projects that I have on the go. 482 more words


What are the odds? slim, slim indeed.


What are the Odds? NYC Midnight Post Part One

After Mal is blackmailed by a co-worker, it seems every day brings a new surprise. 2,625 more words

NYCMM Short Story Challenge

My 8th YouTube Vlog!

I’m trying to take my YouTube videos to a more serious level, which is why I tried out a different style for my latest vlog. I used a few photos, did some time lapses (which I looooove) and kept the vlog at 5 minutes long. 74 more words

For All The Silenced Voices

​With Tuesday being world poetry day, I wrote a poem to give thanks for my right to freedom of expression. As I did so I thought of the words of the late Chilean poet Pablo Neruda who when living under the Pinochet regime remarked poetry is the only danger here and in many countries his words have an all too disturbing ring to them as poets are often seen as enemies of the state. 444 more words


I Got Bored, and then I Rambled.

So, a couple days ago I was bored and unsupervised and bought the little WordPress plan that lets me customize my domain name. Now I’m amberjademccracken.com instead of warofthesisters.wordpress.com I thought that was pretty nifty because I’m easily amused.   166 more words


Making-Of series: Deconstructing a magazine

This is one of the more simple tasks I have done, but because of the intricate details I had to remove, it took me quite a while! 395 more words

Directed Learning Activities