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Editing Terminology

Narrative editing

 Contiguity editing: such as an action match, two people do the same actions at the same time:

Continuity editing: shots that follow each other e.g shot /reverse shot, glance object shot and match on action. 206 more words


Editing: Three (Rather Geneic) Tips

Hello you lovely people. Or not. For all I know, I could send this post out, and no one would read it. So in theory I may be saying hello to no one. 331 more words


The Newfangled Writer gets a Book to Market


I have been MIA for a number of weeks here, and it has been for a necessary reason: once I got Pride’s Children, Book 1, out of the category of ‘writing’ and into the category of ‘prepare a product for market,’ I was completely out of my areas of expertise. 1,084 more words

CFS - Living And Writing With ME/CFS/CFIDS

Conflict is Required

Why is conflict necessary? Without conflict, there’s no story; without story, our efforts are merely lovely words strung together to form lovely sentences.

Conflict creates action and result. 597 more words

Mon dieu!

Why do the writers at Yahoo! Style insist on trying to write in French. They have a hard enough time writing in English without demonstrating they’re illiterate in another language. 17 more words


The Editing Madness

There’s a quote that one may have heard before in regards to advice in writing (that oftentimes is mistakenly accredited to Ernest Hemingway): “Write drunk, edit sober.” Depending on exactly how drunk one gets, it could take a whole lot of editing before the writing sounds like something that was written with no alcohol in the system whatsoever. 668 more words


October Writing Update...

Since my last post I’ve been busy revising and editing the first chapter of my Nottinghamshire short novel to submit into the Love Stories New Talent Award. 451 more words