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The Last Lap

So far, I’ve written and researched, and edited and formatted. I’ve listened to criticisms, comments and suggestions. I’ve tracked down and acquired permissions. I’ve taught myself new word-processing techniques and decided on a title. 445 more words

Photo Art 2017 #1

I thought it would be fun to do something different with my photos this year… Kind of like in the way that I started my Project 365 daily photo posts on new year’s day. 136 more words


Need some more writing tips?

Want to know what advice Henry Miller, George Orwell,  Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman or William Safire have to offer? This link has them all in one spot.


Numbers: 2016

I realize that January is halfway over, but I wanted to post a review of 2016. Last year was hugely successful for me as a freelance writer and editor, so I wanted to mark the occasion by running my work by the numbers. 125 more words


A Drizzle

It’s so strange how one day I’ll edit my pictures all bright…and then the next time I’ll edit them darker…

I guess it really depends on the mood of my location…there was a slight drizzle as I was taking these, so when I came in to edit them, I wanted them to look dreary. 58 more words


#Editing - Removing crutch words

In the last #Editing blog we looked into Developing characters, if you missed it why not take a look. Next time we’ll be delving into emotional beats. 427 more words


LURK is on Audible

Quick update to let you all know that LURK is out on audiobook, exclusively for Audible! I’ve been an Audible fanboy for years, probably since within about a month of when they launched, so this is pretty exciting for me personally. 12 more words