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Three Tips for Professional Writing

I thought I’d kick off this blog by looking at my writing process and giving you some advice that I’ve learned as a writer, editor, and marketer. 253 more words


What no one tells you

Here’s something no one tells the writers and editors at yahoo.com: You’re missing a word.


On Trailers

I wrote, directed, and edited The Adventures of Paul and Marian, but when it came to creating a trailer for the movie, I was really at a loss. 539 more words

Showreel 2014

All the best of my work up to 2014.

Thanks for viewing and if you liked it or have any feedback please leave a comment below.

Motion Graphics

Spring "Sneak Peak" Issue of the Gathering magazine

A few days ago I posted about writing and editing for the digital magazine the Gathering, but I wanted to showcase the cover page and give you another link to take a peak into the issue. 226 more words

Write, Refine, Repeat

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. – Gustave Flaubert

Writing does as much for the author as it does for the reader.  

645 more words

75 – Grammar shot: The possessive myth

This post has been inspired by my friend who questioned the apostrophe in sunglasses’ fans. And who could blame him? Britain’s schools teach their pupils that such apostrophes indicate possession, so he, not at all unreasonably, asked whether the fans actually belonged to the sunglasses, which, of course, they didn’t. 434 more words

English Language