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Surviving Borneo - Q&A with Nick Jones

  1. What have you learned in the process of doing post-production for Surviving in Borneo series?

Editing Surviving Borneo has taught me a lot. My role in this project included a lot of post-producing, so it’s taught me a little more about how the Post-Production producers work. 494 more words


Editor James Ralph is indirectly responsible for success of superstars with work on ‘X Factor’

As a child growing up in London, England, James Ralph wanted to be a chef. He enjoyed the creativity that came along with cooking, being able to create something amazing from simple ingredients. 896 more words

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Cara Menghasilkan Uang Instagram dengan Mudah

Cara menghasilkan uang instagram bisa dilakukan dengan beberapa cara yang semuanya bisa menghasilkan uang yang banyak. Cara-cara ini ada yang menggunakan cara branding dan menghimpun follower yang banyak untuk kemudian kita menjual setiap post yang kita keluarkan. 617 more words

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Cara Hilangkan Centang Biru pada WhatsApp

Pernahkah Anda berada dalam posisi ini? Anda mengirimkan pesan pada seseorang melalui WhatsApp. Satu tanda centang berwarna abu-abu muncul, pesan telah terkirim, disusul oleh tanda centang abu-abu kedua, pesan telah sampai di ponsel teman Anda. 282 more words


Live for what you want

Sitting at a baseball game for middle school boys today, I was aware of many realities around me. There were the inevitable obnoxious parents or grandparents who questioned every strike, yelled “Good eye!” with every pitch and scowled at the opposing team whenever they scored. 291 more words

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Wave Editor ~ Free Audio Editor

Wave Editor is fast and easy digital audio editing software for Windows. It provides a powerful and user-friendly editing environment which especially suits beginners. Quickly perform basic editing capabilities like cutting, copying, pasting and deleting parts of a recording.

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