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Dutch News Down

The Netherlands found itself in a bit of a compromising position on January 29th: the public broadcast station, the one that is supposed to keep on providing information in times of war among other things, was down “because of circumstances.” Twitter became the best source of news on the situation, exemplifying the challenges of integrating social media into traditional reporting. 851 more words


Serializing us

One of them hit me hard across the face, and quickly put the goggles on my eyes, earmuffs on my ears, and a small bag over my head. 1,055 more words

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‘Terrorism Expert’, the need for sarcastic quotation marks.

“Europe is finished,” at least according to a terror expert who appeared on Fox News last weekend. Cities are experiencing an increasing density of Muslims, with Sharia courts being set up, and religious police beating people who don’t conform to Muslim dress code. 680 more words

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Climate change: will self commitment save us?

Our planet is getting warmer and warmer. 2014 was the hottest year on record, with a global temperature of 1.03 degrees Fahrenheit above the average, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration ( 605 more words

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Wasting Charlie’s Sacrifice

It’s always easy to say you want something but to stand up and work to get it? A completely different story. And once you achieve it? 579 more words

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An eye for an eye: the CIA torture report

My first idea was to draw a cartoon on the CIA torture report that was made public the 8th December. I searched the Net for some material to start with. 619 more words

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