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The United States of Dissonance

On Wednesday, President Trump was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He was stumping for the new Senate health care bill, “The Wall”, and to begin his campaign for reelection for 2020 (3 years early I might add). 632 more words



Editorial By Ray Shell
Ray’s Journal

My Nephew invited me to dinner last night and afterwards over a German beer he admitted he was terrified of the future, I told him that at 21 years of age the future could appear to him as scary; he went to say that because of the state of the world generally and the current British economy specifically he felt trapped in a mess he’d done nothing to create and it wasn’t fair his generation was suffering for it. 1,345 more words


Korean Kraze

Letter To The
Editor- From Wilson to Korea

Korea has been a true gift. This experience so far has been a once in a lifetime moment and it has only been two short weeks and I just feel so connected to the people and the culture here in South Korea.

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Erick Jenkins

What is clarity to Trump?

Wilson (NC) ~ Being a first time anything is tough. No professional job is easy and usually requires background knowledge, but most of the skill and routine is learned on the job. 367 more words

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6 Things to Do this Summer

By Allison Kamel

It feels like it was just Christmas a few days ago. In reality, though, we’re wrapping up the 2017 spring semester. Just a few finals to go and then it’ll be summer. 352 more words

Editorial And Opinion

Op-Ed: Directionless Democratic Party Must Embrace Progressivism

By Michael Sutter

In February, progressive Democrats saw DNC chair candidate Keith Ellison as just what the doctor ordered. Ellison, a representative from Minnesota, was endorsed by popular progressives Sen. 376 more words

Editorial And Opinion

The Crazy Life of Kurt Deville

By Samantha Tassone

If you heard his voice alone without his body present, you might think he was a cartoon character reading off his lines. If you walked into his home by the beach without him there to explain the unique items that fill his walls, you might think he’s an axe murderer. 1,541 more words

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