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My Summer Internship: The Democratic National Convention

By Conor Johnson

This summer, I attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as a participant of The Washington Center’s Democratic National Convention Seminar. I was present as Hillary Clinton was nominated to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in this year’s election. 541 more words

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My Study Abroad Experience: Glasgow

By Samantha Corr

In honor of the global studies fair coming up this October 14 (sjcny.edu/globalstudies/conference), I thought I would share my recent study abroad experience. 426 more words

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Don't Miss the Great Mathers Museum Building Debate

Built in the early 1980s, the Mathers Museum of World Cultures building is an example of Brutalist architecture, a modernist style reviled by some and revered by others. 150 more words

Material Culture

A Twist on Chocolate Pretzels

By Samantha Stilwagen


Pretzels (square kind work best)
Hershey Kisses


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper to prevent melted chocolate from sticking to the pan.
  2. 93 more words
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Hard Core Workout

By Samantha Stilwagen

Was your New Year’s resolution to be healthier? I know mine was! Resolutions are not always easy to keep up with, but with dedication, reminders and making them fun, resolutions can be something that work well for you. 125 more words


Wishing for Neverland

By Gabrielle Stamile

“The fairies fly,”
Whispered one boy to the other.
“They race the butterflies against the wind,
Help the birds build nests to live in.” … 732 more words

Editorial And Opinion

Special Olympics 2015

By Margaret Liendo

On Sunday, October 18, 108 dedicated volunteers and 75 amazing athletes came out to participate in this year’s New York State Special Olympics at the John A. 334 more words