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Legalization of Gay Marriage- Response to Dissent

Gay Marriage is now just Marriage.

A great strive in civil rights has come about.

Yet the decision was 5 – 4. I wanted to properly address the 4 dissenting judges and see whether their arguments are valid. 379 more words

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About those ferry priority passes

Many summer visitors experience frustration with the long lines at the Hatteras ferry terminal to visit Ocracoke. (Hint: to avoid long lines, arrive early or late in the day.) 768 more words

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Marijuana Legalized in Oregon

Oregon has joined the collective of states that have legalized marijuana, a step in the right direction.

Though I myself am not a drinker nor a smoker, I understand that criminal sanctions against the use of pot cause more problems than they solve (as seen in the War on Drugs, and the thousands of people in jail for years on simple possession). 52 more words

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Charleston Shooting: Define It and Remember What Matters

After the heartbreaking shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, I saw a lot of debate or article about whether the act should be considered a hate crime or an act of terrorism. 506 more words

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Religious Freedom and Gay Marriage

Found this on Facebook (source) and it’s exactly what we need to promote:

To all of my friends and family who honestly believe that yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling somehow infringes on your religious freedom, I have one word for you: Bacon. 390 more words

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With Friends Like These - Criticism of Clinton's Campaign Push For Voting Rights Reform

On June 8, Rick Hasen posted a column on Slate in which he argued that Hillary Clinton’s spotlight on GOP efforts to restrict voting rights was detrimental to the larger goal of actual voting rights reform. 630 more words