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James, the Jihadist

James, the Jihadist

I have argued that allowing gays and lesbians to be discriminated against in business transactions is wrong and poor business ethics. I have advocated that this legislation be changed before enactment and if enacted to be repealed. 1,274 more words


I Hate the Color of my Skin

By Annie Srivanich Raper

I hate the color of my skin—is the ugly thought that sometimes crosses my mind.

My skin color isn’t hideous. Right now it’s comparable to toasted chestnut, or smooth toffee. 1,450 more words

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Op-Ed: A Bizzare Bazaar Pop-Up

It is not unusual for ad hoc stalls to go up in order to cater to the throngs of festival goers that come to Baguio during Panagbenga. 381 more words

Baguio City

Do They Think We're Stupid? Indiana Republicans Surprised by Backlash?

Do They Think We’re Stupid? Indiana Republicans Surprised by Backlash?

In studying business ethics, one is exposed to many, many individuals who tell you things that are self-serving and often bordering on falsehood. 678 more words


On The Non-Existence Of Theists

I’ve written before, in a very pompous, self-righteous way, that, if you really think about it, no one REALLY believes in a god or afterlife. I make this statement because, for many years, I’ve heard theists say that no one REALLY is an a-theist. 1,035 more words


Letter to the editor against county taking Occupancy Tax dollars

A giant step back for Ocracoke

By Al Scarborough

Evidently a proposal to provide Ocracoke with an additional $200,000+ in occupancy tax funding has resulted in a decision to reduce Ocracoke’s funding by $100,000 annually and give that amount to Hyde County. 608 more words

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NC Ferry Division is responding to concerns

The NC Ferry Division of the North Carolina’s Department of Transportation needs to be singled out.

With an opening like that, read­ers may brace themselves for a little “good ol’ government bash­ing.” This is not the case. 413 more words

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