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The Layout, First Draft

Here is my first draft for the layout. Photos are slightly edited, but far from the final edits. My biggest concern is the reflections under the glasses. 32 more words

Editorial Photography

Prop List

  • Prop table (Wooden)
  • Roses (REN)
  • Red berries (REN)
  • Black Cumin (BODY SHOP)
  • Red Camellia (BODY SHOP)
  • Edelweiss (BODY SHOP)
  • Rose Hip Seed (The Ordinary)
  • Beakers and test tubes (The Ordinary)
  • Vines/A bed of leaves
DGP Year Two

VR Research - Will photographers be required to generate VR footage in the near future?

After watching and researching VR videos the question still depends on what sort of photography people do.

I think that documentary and photojournalist photographers would be required to produce VR footage rather than food or product photographers. 64 more words

DGP Level 2

VR Research - How Is It Made?

360 VR is made using equipment such as; 3D printed camera rigs holding between 6 or 10 GoProp Hero4 cameras in a spherical shape. Each camera is mounted at a specific angle to eliminate any page of footage. 118 more words

DGP Level 2

VR Research - How Much Does It Cost?

I tried look into how much it would cost to do a shoot like this but, found there isn’t really a defined answer as it varies on each individual shoot. 95 more words

DGP Level 2