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Politics’ Varicolored Hues

If electorates will be more discerning, the sleight-of-hand tricks being played by candidates these days are, to put it in Tagalog, “garapalan na.”

Consider the political line-ups and one will see the kind of Philippine politics we have. 215 more words


One Thing Why She Has Caught My Attention

Before I start, let me greet every reader that I have: Happy Valentines! I don’t know if someone has greeted you today, but at least there’s one. 430 more words


Cory Schneider Is Elite; Devils Down Flyers In OT

Where would the New Jersey Devils be without Cory Schneider? Last in the NHL? Possibly. Fighting for a playoff spot? No chance. It’s simply amazing what the Devils’ goaltender has been able to do this season. 942 more words


God is like a Box of Chocolates - Peter Rollins's Experiment in "Atheism for Lent"

Nathan Watson – Opinions Editor

What do chocolate, social media, and belief in God have in common?

If we are to believe the Irish writer, speaker, and “radical” theologian Peter Rollins, the uniting factor between these three seemingly benign pleasures is their potential to distance us from God. 840 more words

Nathan Watson