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The May Gray....

I was born in May. If that were not the case, if somehow I were born in March, then I’d hate May. I mean, at least on the east coast of the United States, May is pathetic. 201 more words


Set, Spell a Bit

It’s cool on the porch today, sweet tea and biscuits?

It is nice under the umbrella table now, some iced tea and fresh cherries?

North and South, it is our nation and I grew up in the North (father-in-law says I singly staged the War of Northern Aggression). 293 more words


On "Avenue Q"

Hey, TWR readers,

As a way of starting this blog off, I wanted to talk about an excellent experience I had this past week. As you read this blog going forward, it will be no surprise that I enjoy musical theater. 512 more words

Avenue Q

The International Fair of Tripoli – A Phantom Landscape

Halfway across the world I find myself thinking about my AHBE Lab colleagues, wishing they were here in Tripoli, Lebanon at the International Fair of Tripoli – a phantom landscape that never realized its intended purpose due to an outbreak of civil war that began in 1975 just at the precipice of the project’s completion. 275 more words

Landscape Architecture

A breakdown on what dating is like for South Asians in Western Society

Dating is confusing as it is. Dating for young Indians in America(and other western countries) is particularly confusing because of the stigma that is imposed due to preconceived notions of western ideals about dating. 1,336 more words


Bob's Your Uncle

“Books enable you to try on a different life, one very different from your own, that you have no other way of living.”
Pamela Paul (New York Times Book Review Editor) 632 more words