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La moschino is getting on, doing it very very well! Love the look, dont miss out to check the homepage for the most stunning things!


Teaching Respect

Popular culture reflects society’s values (Lipsitz, 1990). So, what is our popular culture telling us about ourselves? When our children watch movies, what are they learning? 1,108 more words

Easy Action Items

Trep Hack Joins The Capital Riot Team

This week, Capital Riot officially welcomed the newest member to its team, Trep Hack, a lifestyle blog for entrepreneurs and creators. 106 more words


Editorial assistant opening at Johns Hopkins University Press

Johns Hopkins University Press has an entry-level publishing position open. They are looking for someone who will work hard and has good writing and phone and some graphics skills. 40 more words


A Political Rant on human nature in the Australian context... by some anthropologist guy.

Words matter. As an anthropologist, it is my job to derive meaning from the words and actions of human beings. Today I realized that through his countless verbal gaffs our bumbling Prime Minister is offering us a direct pathway into his worldview. 879 more words

Still Life X Fruit

This is the second editorial for Juicebox magazine’s out and about issue, I worked on this editorial with Jennifer Burke. I was the photographer for the shoot and Jennifer was the art director, Burke came up with the concept and got the fruit and some of the jewellery. 12 more words