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Is Originality Dying In Hollywood?

By Winston C.

If we take a look at the list of movies that will be released this year, I guarantee you that there will be more sequels, prequels, reboots, or remakes compared to original screenplays. 403 more words


Is there a 4th list archetype?

Featured in the last No Quarter was a write up about the 3 main archetypes of list building or play-style: Attrition, Assassination, and everyone’s favorite, Control. 898 more words


Starbucks in Albany? (Feed The Review)

Starbucks has finally arrived to the “Good Life City”, Albany. Lots of optimistic reviews have already begun to roll in for the coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites, and WiFi availability. 748 more words


Editorial: LNG approval builds hope for pipelines (with poll)

The Trudeau government burnished its economic credentials with this week’s conditional approval of a liquefied natural gas project planned for British Columbia’s northwest coast.

Canadians should hope the federal Liberals will demonstrate similar good sense with their ruling on Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline — a decision expected to be made around Christmas. 440 more words


Presidential Debate 2016: My Reaction 

The first presidential debate the 2016 started off better than most expected. Donald Trump was holding his own with his stance on NAFTA and trade policies: he seemed relaxed and spoke directly to his base of supporters. 461 more words


Editorial: Taking aim at sexist hazing on campus

It has become way too predictable: Every year, the frenzied, alcohol-fuelled festivities of frosh week give way to new revelations of sexist and/or racist behaviour on university campuses. 453 more words


Editorial: A publicly funded hospital can't refuse assisted death

During the bleakest, most vulnerable period of their lives, terminally ill patients should be able to count on top-notch care and generous doses of compassion. But in one key area, Canada’s Catholic hospitals are letting them down. 425 more words

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