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Imperius Arcs Address The Never-Ending Debate: BATMAN vs SUPERMAN!

"In this episode Adam and Nick go unscripted to discuss who would win in a fight---Batman  or Superman. They just want you to know that their opinions are the only right opinions. 18 more words

#Politics Can we ditch the Left/Right spectrum and get complicated, please?

It’s hard to argue in anything but support of the proposition that political debate would be a lot better in this country if we ditched the concept of left-wing and right-wing. 1,006 more words


Job Well Done

We owe thanks to our water master, Jeff McKinney, once again, for doing his job and doing it well.

But as usual, we must also give thanks to those who came running to help Jeff in an emergency. 217 more words


OF BABIES AND FATHERS.......Mary Bohling

There was another cute picture of Piero holding a baby…so sweet. All of the guys seem to love babies. You can see it on their faces. 461 more words

Il Volo

Santa Claus is coming to town council: Editorial

Elections aren’t just about incumbents, power brokers and rock stars. When the votes are counted, anything can happen.

That’s probably why long shots knock on doors every election, gathering signatures and putting up lawn signs without a real chance of victory. 654 more words