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OPINION: Why Fiorina Trumps Trump

Note: Published in ThePaperWolf.com, this was my first political editorial. After writing this, it seemed as though something had sparked in me. It occurred to me that the combination of research and politics was my forte. 738 more words


You Choose: Has Jindal Handled His Position Adequately?

Note: Published in ThePaperWolf.com, I wrote this article as former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s final term came to an end. Rather than writing a pure opinion piece, I decided to experiment with gathering others opinions as well. 559 more words


Audu and The Cattle Colonies: Way forward For the Herdsmen Crisis.

I read through the submissions of the Federal Minister of Agriculture and Rural developments, Audu Ogbeh, on the Herdsmen crisis rocking the entire nation at the moment. 948 more words


Mary's Meals: Why I Donate, Support

Note: Published on ThePaperWolf.com, the idea for this column came from a documentary I watched in  a religion class. Through writing this, I realized the power I had in transcribing what I felt strongly about and publishing it. 751 more words


OPINION: Syrian Refugees Pose Imminent Safety Threat

Note: Published in ThePaperWolf.com, I took great care and discretion in writing this article. It was clear to me that the material I was writing on was that of a sensitive nature, so I aimed to accurately and honestly present both sides of the argument. 650 more words


9 Dirty Things Everyone does at Music Festivals That We're Totally Okay With

I firmly believe that one of the most exhilarating things we as humans can experience is being present at a music festival. Nothing compares to being in a crowd of like-minded individuals, listening to the harmonious voices of people singing you’re favorite song, dancing the night away, and feeling the energy of the music and those around you. 1,085 more words