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Arithmetic and Health Care

Kevin Schulman, M.D., professor of medicine at Duke University and visiting scholar at Harvard Business School, provides us with a brief and, thank you very much, understandable explanation (Raleigh News & Observer, March 23, 2017, “Why the health care market doesn’t work.”) 493 more words


For such a worm as I


Dracunculus medenisis, better known as the Guinea worm, is a parasitic nematode roundworm found in stagnant water.  When the water containing worm larvae is consumed, the larvae mate inside a human abdomen and grow.   615 more words


100 Favourites II — Statistics

I couldn’t do a list like that without publishing some statistics at the end, could I? No, no I could not. By my standards this will be a relatively brisk post, though, because I didn’t thoroughly log everything I could have. 823 more words


The Wizard of Weird: The Worst to Best of David Lynch

by Jason Koenigsberg

David Lynch is one of the greatest visionary artists of the past forty years. His strange and always thought provoking films have etched their way into our psyche and have managed to be provocative long after they premiered and stand the test of time. 4,473 more words


Worst to Best Animated Films of 2016 Part 1

(If you like what you see, you can go to camseyeview.biz to see more of my work on video game reviews, editorials, lists, Kickstarters, developer interviews, and review/talk about animated films. 1,729 more words


Game of Comics - Editorial

Disney, Fox, Sony and Warner Bros.

Why is Wolverine not in the Avengers? Can Deadpool be in the new Spiderman? Who holds the rights to what?



Locks & Keys

via Meaningless


The purpose of any lock on a given door is dually defined, either to keep someone out, or to keep someone in.  It may be to protect the thing inside, or to protect the thing outside from the thing inside. 736 more words