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89th Academy Awards 2017

Here are the categories most people will be interested in. Not that all the categories shouldn’t be shown respect but the big six below are the ones the general public take an interest in. 940 more words


Animation Tidbits: Storycorps

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Film Reviews

Sweet Sakura Dreams

Nothing makes it more clear that spring has finally arrived in Vancouver than when the first few cherry blossoms start to bloom. The streets are lined with rows of pale pink flowers and petals float around the city like falling snow. 181 more words


How to #Resist

By Marinia Powell, Staff Reporter and Senior Staff Photographer

In the wake of the recent election, many people are still feeling jilted and displaced, and that’s good. 215 more words


RIP Versatile Character Actor Bill Paxton

by Jason Koenigsberg

Now this is devastating news indeed. Bill Paxton, one of the best character actors throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s has passed away due to complications from surgery at the age of 61. 795 more words


Eating Disorder Awareness Week || MY STORY

Hey guys, I am straying from my usual content to talk about Eating Disorder Awareness Week (2/26 – 3/4) this week. Just a disclaimer this will be a serious and possibly disturbing post, so if you are sensitive to vomit please be aware. 637 more words


[Team 5829] Meet BumbleBee!

After a long and productive season we have done it!

I would like to present to you BumbleBee!

Here are the details:

  1. Custom AwtyBox V2 gearbox using WCP dog gear setup…
  2. 325 more words