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Giddy Spring Joy. Blame it on Your IRA.


brings joy. It marks a turning point. Bubbles of inspiration tickle our spirits. Why not? Well, taxes? We’re here to remind. We’re simply brimming with four joys of this new season.  1,141 more words


Pay Yourself First. Signal To Launch.


often hear it. “It’s your money.” Is it? Only yours until you spend it. The spent becomes someone else’s. Learn to keep it, and create joy. 2,073 more words


This Bull's Last Run?


bank engineered sub-prime mortgage melt down was ten years ago, and ten years equals one very old bull. STOCKjAW charged the desert outside Las Vegas to ponder this and the Boeing tragedy. 1,328 more words


DarKRo0M w0rKSHop

ScRibBle PiT Pic
Fox Talbot
An Illustrated Life of William Henry Fox Talbot, ‘Father of Modern Photography’, 1800 -1877 758 more words

RAGBAG Page1 -Bienvenuei Look

Screw Gun


of red-orange light glowed over the city and bay.  That’s when he says “People are different,”  I look at him.  Behind and above loom the large screens.  1,559 more words


Service Sector Speak. From Citi To The Savoy, It's All Just Wallet-Prying Word Play.


treated with “Elite” status feels up-lifting, like a warm oily ass rub. And that’s precisely what it is. It’s just business. Well, of course it is. 2,187 more words


Here Comes The Good Stuff. 4K More Than Before.


create your reality. That tidal power is always at play. What do yours say? Do they pay? They can.  Find your way into your own pay line. 1,531 more words