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Women Writers We Need You!

Would you be interested in lending a piece of work to a fundraising anthology? I’m looking for poetry, short stories, short plays, and extracts of longer pieces for an anthology called… 855 more words

Spiritual Authors

Eco-Warrior DIY series: Laundry detergent

If you’re like me, you play in the mud a lot. Which mean you need to wash many many clothes in one week (and assure people you are not a human warthog) Here’s how to create an all-natural batch of laundry detergent that you can personalize with gorgeous smelling essential oils. 307 more words

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Eco-Warrior DIY: Wood cleaner

Okay you know me. This piece could descend into a plethora of innuendo and eye winking puns. So I’m purging my childish system right now in one sentence. 275 more words

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Eco-warrior DIY: Bog Buster loo cleaner

I know. If you’re anything like me you hate cleaning the toilet. You put if off, you wish a fairy would do it, you finally give in and try to put your best positive spin on it. 364 more words


Eco-warrior DIY: Anti-Bacterial Spray

It can be a proper bother trying to find eco-friendly products that are realistically affordable (so you don’t have to sell an organ or your soul to pay for them). 343 more words

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Forgiveness is Acceptance - By Dr Anya

An excerpt from the book Opening Love: Intentional Relationships & the Evolution of Consciousness by Dr Anya

The word “mistake” is one of the greatest confusions created by the fearful ego. 719 more words


Games I play on my Period

Donald Trump recently spread like dysentery onto our social media feeds due to his words about a woman bleeding out of her eyes or something or other and it bought into my awareness that some people are still afraid of menstruation. 1,710 more words