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Thong Pha Phum National Park

Caitlin Roman, 128 TCCS

Thong Pha Phum National Park is located in the northwestern reaches of Kanchanaburi Province on the Thai-Myanmar border. As many Thais pointed out to us during our stay there, the park is part of “Unseen Thailand”, meaning that many Thais, and more accurately most foreigners, do not even know it’s there. 1,855 more words


Trying something new.

Last year I joined a group of women not knowing what to expect.  RWAC (Romance Writers of America Atlantic Canada).  I must say that this was really going out of my loop, on joining women I didn’t know.   93 more words

Klipsch’s Latest Powered Speakers Make Setting Up a Home Hi-Fi System a Breeze

There really is no end to the rabbit hole of dedicated devices an audiophile can get lost down when putting together the ultimate home audio system, although for most people, there is certainly something to be said for hi-fi gear that keeps things simple. 240 more words


Open plan 'Creative Spaces' - a Rant

It's only in the last couple of years or so that I've done any work in a corporate or 'creative agency' environment… I am very much from the stuffed-in-a-smallish-room cutting TV in a facility past. 199 more words


Friday aww what a feeling

  • you do not have to go to work
  • you’ve printed about 14 chapters to overview on the retreat.
  • love it when it’s a clear blue sky and the driving will be amazing.
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What an editor looks for and why

This should really be called what a commercial editor looks for, as that’s what I’m talking about here! As part of my day job as a fiction editor, I need to commission a certain amount of titles per year to make sure that our division of the company makes money. 1,271 more words