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Murdering the Revision Process

So last week I had a post that basically boiled down to revisions were killing me for this story. I found out the problem.

Also, this post is going to be short because I’m pressed for time today. 298 more words


Edit Prices

Below are some price
I made up if you’re interested in an edit from me. <3

if you need more clarification with anything above or more information, you’re welcome to message me and ask any questions you have. c:

Little Info and a few Discoveries

I think it is absolutely hilarious to hear James Veitch say, “Bonsoir, my golden nugget, bonsoir.” He’s a very enjoyable comedian that I found while watching TedTalks. 631 more words


VA - Ecdisis Vol. 1 [FRV028]

The material for Ecdisis Vol.1? Lost tracks from the past, patted down, spruced up and given a couple of shots of whiskey by Juanpablo, Dunkeltier and, a new member of the family, Vinilette.  168 more words


The case against rewrites.

The first thing you must understand:  I generally hate rewriting.

As it turns out, I usually use a long convoluted process of outlining, conceptualizing, and producing a first draft, so usually that first draft is pretty close to what I want to publish, with no if’s and’s or but’s. 109 more words