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WIP Check-In


So close. I wanted to push through and get to 150 so I can shout it triumphantly – err, blog it triumphantly – but alas, pg 149 happens to be a page with some major issues. 215 more words


My Fanfic : Babysitting The Brat

Foreword :

It all started when he took care of me.

The jitters, the sparks, the so called butterflies in my stomach.

The way he smile. 405 more words


Write Significantly -- & Please Write It Well

To defend what you’ve written is a sign that you are alive —¬†quoted by William Zinsser. It brings an¬†interesting idea into considering the importance of writing. 523 more words


Writing Check In

Ah, so. Writing retreat turned into more of an “avoid going home in the evenings” thing. It’s all good, though. I still edited – just in the morning and on my lunches, and for one or two evenings. 156 more words


These are the two posters I made for my upcoming fanfic on AFF. I will be writing this after I’ve finished “Babysitting The Brat”. They don’t differ in styles but they differ in the fonts styles. 20 more words


Spring? What spring? Sproing, maybe. Oh, those novel-edits blues . . .

Some things are just going to keep passing me by. That beautiful display of the aurora borealis? Yeah, that was too far north to see from here, by a matter of hours. 831 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything