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Asaric Tales e-book update #3

In last month’s update I intended a straight read-through of Asaric Tales Book 1. What happened?

Asaric Tales Bk 1 read-through

For the first few chapters I used yellow highlight to mark passages/words I wanted to change and returned to them at the end of each day’s reading session to do the necessary. 398 more words


This is the Really Real World

Sometimes, a thing can be real and not feel real. (I speak from experience, I’ve done some hardcore disassociating in my day, I felt like everything in my life had been replaced with exact replicas and moved a quarter of an inch to the left… for over a year.) 530 more words

Just Blogging

Multiple Edits are Necessary

I mentioned recently how embarrassing it would be if someone actually read one of my first drafts. I’d be mortified because half of it might not even make sense to a reader. 314 more words

From The Author

Bannock, MT

I went on a photo excursion with my photography class, to a place called Bannock, Montana. Bannock is an amazing place, as well as a freezing place. 385 more words


Hysteric - BAH 041 [BAH041]

The Australian edit master is back with a 4 tracks EP on Bahnsteig 23.



Lessons Learned: To Do List

Yesterday I had a lot that I wanted to get done. I really wanted to work on my book edits, but I also knew that I had quite a few writing and household tasks that had (or I wanted) to do as well. 238 more words

Beth M James

Neil Cicierega Mantains His Stature as Underground King of The Web

The third full length album in the series of self proclaimed “Internet Person” Neil Cicierega’s “Mouth” series, Mouth Moods is another home run of comedic editing. 107 more words

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