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  Sticking to one Topic:  How can Writers Plan and Write a 1 Paragraph Response to a Question?

This is a mini-unit I wrote several years ago.  It is targeted to a small class of 8th and 9th graders with significant reading and writing challenges.   3,371 more words


Independent Science Project Examples

After her presentation at the high school PD day, I asked Kelli Cochran, 6th grade Science teacher at Nettleton Middle School to share more information about her Pre-Ap students’ Independent Projects.   537 more words

Technology Transforms Science Teacher's Classroom

Kelli Cochran teaches 6th grade Science at Nettleton Middle School.  She presented at Nettleton High School’s PD day where she shared a glimpse into how the 1:1 program has transformed her classroom. 655 more words

History teacher uses technology to engage students

Clint Wilson teaches history/ economics and coaches football and baseball at Nettleton Middle School.  Over the past year he found that the 1:1 initiative has improved his teaching effectiveness and time management in and out of the classroom. 371 more words

iPassport and Takehome Day

Our iPassport was an integral part of our launch to 1:1 students. I was very conscious of the potential problems with simply handing out iPads to 120 eleven year olds and them taking them home on day one. 413 more words


Technology In Education

Why does technology have to come into it?

We have come so far in our advancements,  that one would be forgiven for thinking our methods of transferring knowledge is a thing of science fiction! 839 more words


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Many parents are concerned about the shift in our Educational practices, it's an expensive move but more than the financial concerns of having to buy Laptops or Chrome books; the concern is that we are creating a generation of lazy learners who won't be able to write. Parents already worry that attention spans are lower due to technology providing immediate access & stimulus.

This post  puts things into perspective.

What do you think, has this changed your mind on the issue, what are your thoughts?

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6 Excuses kids can't use any more thanks to Google & Edmodo Classrooms!

1. I didn’t understand the work or what to do?

When using an online management system like Google or Edmodo Classrooms, what’s not to understand? Send your teacher an email about what you don’t get, they can explain it to you in their reply.  252 more words


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This is a quick read , poor kids need some new excuses, can you think of any? Like, Share & Comment below!