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Gerechter unter den Völkern: "Wir sind alle Juden."

In der Vorwoche hatte ich wieder die Gelegenheit, in der US-Hauptstadt am National Prayer Breakfast teilzunehmen. Es war der 64. Event dieser Art. Traditionell spricht beim Frühstück, das dem Event seinen Namen gibt, der US-Präsident. 258 more words


A meditation while walking

Journeying these streets
This tiny northern city
Gentle waves on stones

A meditation during my wanderings today.


A Numbers Game

This week’s photo, taken February 1, 2016 from the Edmonds, WA pier, features a “few” DUNLIN, the same species mentioned in last week’s post.

Actually, there are far more than a few DUNLIN in this photo, and your assignment, if you wish to accept it, is to estimate how many Dunlin are in this flock. 227 more words

A Special Treat on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

I spent quiet contemplative moments during International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday.  However, in the midst of my day, I took time out to watch the presentation ceremony of Righteous Among the Nations recipients at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC.   648 more words


Budaejigae at Hosoonyi, Edmonds, WA

Chilly weather always makes us crave Korean food. I didn’t really learn to eat their hot and spicy type broths until last year, after watching a korean drama called Let’s Eat where the characters spend a significant amount of airtime each episode just scarfing down piping hot, extremely delicious looking korean food. 324 more words


A Mighty Wind

This week’s photo, taken from the pier in Edmonds, WA, features a small fraction of a large flock of DUNLIN, a common wintering shorebird in the Puget Sound area. 174 more words

Long Wait - Part 1

Will Edmonds sipped from a cup of steaming coffee as he looked over the pine and oak forested valley stretching out before him.  “How’s your family settling in, Randy?” 1,393 more words