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Higher Than An Eagle

This week’s photo, taken November 18, 2015 from the Edmonds Pier in Edmonds, WA, features an adult BALD EAGLE cruising by the pier.

Whenever the BALD EAGLES show up at the Edmonds waterfront – and they often do this time of year – the other birds are on high alert. 66 more words

A Surprise Every Day: Shaking Up November With Hipstamatic (week 2)

If I had to pick one word summarizing the past week I think I’d choose “stormy.”  Our surprising Pacific Northwest drought is coming to an end as a series of “Pineapple Express” weather systems have delivered more rain in the past 10 days than we usually see in the whole month of November with plenty more to come over the next 48 hours.   500 more words


Brooks Ayers to Meghan King Edmonds: F--k Off, How About That?!

It was never a good idea to give Brooks Ayers a platform.

For some reason, Andy Cohen thought it best to air a special in which he let Ayers flip off anyone who questioned him for claiming he had cancer. 15 more words

Feeling hugged in Edmonds, Washington: A photo essay

Have you ever arrived in a community and felt hugged? That was my first impression about Edmonds, Washington, my sister’s town. As we sipped coffee, sampled toasted cheese sandwiches, and strolled along the high tide mark looking for beach glass, I thought, “Wow, this is one of the most picturesque waterfront communities around.” So yes, even though it’s connected at the hip with Seattle, 11 miles to the south, Edmonds has a small-town feel to it. 222 more words


Of Special Concern

This week’s photo, taken September 28, 2015 from the Edmonds Pier in Edmonds, WA, features a juvenile PEREGRINE FALCON cruising by the pier.

The PEREGRINE FALCON is a species formerly listed as endangered in North America, primarily due to eggshell softening caused by the pesticide DDT. 75 more words