Things to do on Family Day 2017 in Edmonton

Monday, Feb. 20 marks Family Day in Alberta.

The holiday was proclaimed by Premier Don Getty in 1990 to promote the importance of families and family values in the province. 481 more words


What to do in Edmonton and area on Family Day

There’s no shortage of family fun to be had in and around Edmonton on Monday’s Family Day holiday. Family Day in Alberta was started by former premier Don Getty and was officially recognized on Feb. 516 more words

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Edmonton man gets 2 years in jail for watching child porn at library

An Edmonton man has been sentenced to two years in jail for looking at child pornography at a public library.

An employee at the Woodcroft branch of the Edmonton Public Library caught Daniel Kelbert on a library computer on Feb. 128 more words


Reading Children's Books As an Adult

Reading books has always been a very enjoyable hobby of mine, for as long as I can remember. My aunts would tell me stories of how I would choose to stay home more often that go out and play with friends. 934 more words

Edmonton Hearthstone Events

I’m pretty sure I mentioned the Hearthstone Open at Overklocked back on the 14th but there’s three more Hearthstone events that have been announced by others since then. 59 more words


Downtown Edmonton library moves to Enterprise Square during renos

Edmonton Public Library patrons will be asked to visit Enterprise Square while the Stanley A. Milner location undergoes a revitalization.

The downtown library was closed Dec. 355 more words


Edmonton's Stanley Milner Library gets tagged before renos

For the past 50 years, the library on Churchill Square in Edmonton has been the site for heroes to slay dragons – sometimes in the pages of books, sometimes in the actions of staff. 830 more words

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