Michael Hingston: Anthology tells stories of Canada's colonial past and present

For the past two years, Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail has made her living as Edmonton’s historian laureate, our official ambassador on all things old and sepia-tinted in and around the city. 869 more words

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Spring break at Edmonton Public Library: a guide for working parents

I love that our library will use any school break as an excuse to put on a bunch of free programs for kids – or, more than they usually do, because they always have free programs for kids. 825 more words

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Paula Simons: Delicate line between protecting civil liberties of library patrons and the safety of vulnerable children

On Feb. 19, staff at the Woodcroft Library in west-central Edmonton observed a man who appeared to be browsing child pornography on one of the library’s free public access computers. 743 more words

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Edmonton man arrested after allegedly viewing child porn at library

EDMONTON – A 42-year-old was arrested and charged after allegedly looking at child pornography on a computer at an Edmonton library.

Daniel Kelbert is accused of looking at child porn at the Woodcroft Library on Feb. 335 more words


Edmonton library staff catch man viewing child porn, charges now laid

A man has been charged after library staff discovered a patron allegedly browsing child pornography at an Edmonton branch, say police.

“What he was viewing I would describe as very explicit images of children, obviously in sexual positions,” said Staff Sgt. 250 more words

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Adventures in Quinoa Pizza

During the month of February, my plan was to try a few different new things for the City of Learners initiative. One of those things was cooking up quinoa pizza with some friends. 394 more words