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Inside Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield

Last December, the United States and its allies ended their official combat operations in Afghanistan, closed the infamous detention facility at Bagram Airfield, and left behind only a small force to conduct security training. 599 more words

Edmund Clark's Provocative Observation that Most People Stationed to Afghanistan Never See It

Edmund Clark is cheeky, thoughtful and a bit subversive in his critique of institutional power. During his 10 days embedded at Bagram Airbase in October 2013, he realised most people there don’t ever get outside its confines. 126 more words


Thinking about form: Mishka Henner’s feedlots and Edmund Clark’s Guantanamo Bay

Mishka Henner’s feedlots are wonderful: why? Because they do exactly what I want to do with my work. The feedlots make a statement about the state of the food industry in parts of the USA: its impact on the landscape and about privacy/secrecy and the power of big corporations to sway government when it is unclear whether or not it is in the interests of the general population. 297 more words