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Crazy Cat-Lady Simulator - Mew-Genics Teaser Trailer is Adorably Funky

Mew-Genics is so friggin’ adorable and it has kittens and a honky-tonk theme song and ohmygosh that’s a fat cat and it’s made by the… 483 more words

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Random Rambling

Good morning, noon and night my fellow people of the tinterwebs. My name is Jayy and this is a blog about anything that really comes to my mind game or artistic related. 95 more words

The Binding of Isaac: More Fodder for Game Haters

The Binding of Isaac is a fun, although extremely difficult, game.  However, something was bugging me about the game.  After playing the game several times I didn’t really have any urge to play it.  829 more words

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The Binding of Isaac

Hmmm… a disturbing action-RPG, roguelike dungeon crawler that’s only $5? Yeah, why not? 30 hours of gameplay later… How in the heavens did that happen? 682 more words


Indie Game: The Movie Will Make You Happy You're Not a Game Developer

The first line in Indie Game: The Movie, a Sundance-winning documentary that chronicles the struggles of independent game developers, is the following: “Are you fucking kidding me? 583 more words



While I replay Portal 2 for everything I missed on the first runthrough, take ten or fifteen minutes to check out this unique, surreal, and amazing game about life, love, and… well, why don’t you tell me when you figure it out? 9 more words

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So Good It Will Make You Vomit - Spewer

Good news for all of you who enjoy free platformers involving copious amounts of vomiting (and that is all of you, isn’t it?) – Edmund McMillan, creator of a number of games of questionable taste (including… 92 more words

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