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One Solution: Gish

Motored my way through early Edmund McMillen platformer Gish just today. It’s a fun game, and I like the mechanical element of only being able to affect your own fluidity. 939 more words


Indie Game-The bloodsport of Independent Gaming Development

The world of gaming is a competitive sport . In the 2012 Sundance Award winning documentary Indie Game, it is a blood sport.

The movie profiles independent game developers, partners Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes and Phil Fish (of Polytron) and their struggle to get their games completed and into the indie games market.  589 more words

Online Gaming

The Binding of Isaac (PC)


Like the world of the mad, a child’s perceptions are distorted. The world seems smaller with a house, the yard, or the town being the extent of the world’s reaches. 1,555 more words

Review of Indie Game: The Movie

As someone not generally interested by gaming, I can fully understand why this might seem like a movie many would immediately gravitate towards on your standard night in curled up with Netflix. 584 more words


Edmund McMillen confirms rumors of full-length feature film Super Meat Boy

Rumors have gone around about a feature film Super Meat Boy movie, and recently Edmund himself has confirmed these rumors. Edmund said that it’s been in the works since he was a little boy, and he’s very excited for it to reach the big screen. 214 more words


Video game review #1: Binding of Isaac Rebirth (2014)

My latest game obsession is a remake of the flash game The Binding of Isaac (2011). The story is basic; Isaac’s mother hears the voice of God, who demands Isaac as sacrifice(like the biblical story of Abraham). 357 more words