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The Faerie Queene, an Epic Poem

The Immaculate Conception by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, painted between 1767 and 1768 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Epic Poem

Walter Crane

Small Fork Day (and the Wedding, still going on)

Good morning, and for readers in the UK, happy Bank Holiday weekend. I need to get some gardening done! Spring is not in the air, but it… 1,137 more words

Leaving The Eagle for A Wedding

Before the memory of Tennyson’s eagle interrupted, I had been making a start on reading Spenser’ Prothalamion.  Carrying on with that today. Read the whole poem… 1,301 more words

A Lovely Day and Some Worries

Grandsons nos 1&2 working on something 

A number of problems about writing each day are becoming clear.

First, there’s a  problem about copyright which restricts my daily reading and writing. 1,040 more words

Unfinished Business (Part Two)

Note: This is the second in a three part series about unfinished drafts of famous and not-so-famous works.  The third part of this series is scheduled to go out on Wednesday. 1,133 more words

New Writer

Bad fairy

My Faerie Queene is Carabosse

I somehow took her mantle

Bad fairy-witch by whom we lost

Our beauty to a spindle

For what use mine her blonde airhead… 141 more words


The Historical and Poetic Contexts of Richard III

For this week we explored the world of Elizabeth 1st, Edmund Spenser’s The Fairie Queene,  and Christopher Marlowe’s Faustus together with Thomas More’s incendiary damnation of Richard III (from which Shakespeare borrowed furiously in order to keep in good with his reigning monarch!). 332 more words

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