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Inheritance: The Tradition of Using Forms in Poetry

I have been studying poetry intensely for the past four years of my life. I can say, with finality, I will be studying, celebrating it, and writing it until I die. 583 more words

New poetry season on the BBC

Last month author Robert Harris criticised the BBC for its lack of dedicated programming for books.

The BBC has now announced that a season of poetry-focused programmes to be screened on BBC4 . 189 more words


If roses are red... and violets are blue...

So February 14 has come again – St. Valentine’s Day. A day when the price of roses skyrockets in florists around the world and chocolate and candy shops are stripped of their especially wrapped stock! 549 more words

Street Art

Purchast through lawlesse powre and tortious wrong

“Then caused he the gates be opened wyde,
And there the Prince, as victour of that day,
With tryumph entertayn’d and glorifyde,
Presenting him with all the rich array… 29 more words


23rd January 1589. Faith, Hope and Charity.

‘Caritas non conturbat me': Charity doesn’t bother me; from the Catholic, Hilaire Belloc’s poem, where he defends his faith against all-comers.

Edmund Spenser in his Fairie Queen seeing Virtue as Gloriana’s path to Salvation, wrote that it should be read for delight rather than ‘the profite of the ensample’. 508 more words


All this writing of reverse...

…Spenserians, I have finally (I think) ended the male body series with number ten, the last of which is a more or less standard Spenserian. 372 more words


'My Love Is Like To Ice'

My love is like to ice, and I to fire:
How comes it then that this her cold so great
Is not dissolved through my so hot desire,

134 more words