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'Amoretti LXXV: One Day I Wrote her Name' by Edmund Spenser

‘Amoretti LXXV: One Day I Wrote her Name’

by Edmund Spenser

“One day I wrote her name upon the strand,
But came the waves and washed it away: 115 more words


29. The Faerie Queene excerpt, 1590 Edmund Spenser

Of things vnseene how canst thou deeme aright,
Then answered the righteous Artegall,
Sith thou misdeem’st so much of things in sight?
What though the sea with waues continuall… 46 more words


"My Love Is Like to Ice" by Edmund Spenser

My love is like to ice, and I to fire:
How comes it then that this her cold so great
Is not dissolved through my so hot desire, 97 more words


A Hymns of Heavenly Love Edmund Spenser

Here is the next in my series of posts for Advent, in which I read each day’s poem to accompany my Advent Anthology from Canterbury Press… 678 more words


November 18

BUT lovely concord, and most sacred peace.
Doth nourish virtue, and fast friendship breeds,
Weake she makes strong, and strong thing does increace,
Till it the pitch of highest praise exceeds: 151 more words

Sir Thomas Browne

November 1

HE there does now enjoy eternall rest
And happy ease, which thou doest want and crave,
And further from it daily wanderest:
What if some little payne the passage have, 195 more words


English 6/7110: Spenser Seminar

English 6/7110:  Spenser Seminar

Dr. Hollings

Wednesdays 6:00-9:00 p.m. in PH 301.

Develop an understanding of Edmund Spenser’s works and a sense of their place in a patronage culture in which women were key players. 110 more words

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