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Blu-ray review: Charlie Chaplin - The Mutual Comedies

Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance
Director: Charlie Chaplin

The 12 two-reeler comedies gathered together on this box set represented a turning point for Charlie Chaplin. It’s not just that the contract he signed with Mutual made him, at the time, the highest paid entertainer in the world. 900 more words


Charlie Chaplin in THE FLOORWALKER (1916) - Riding the escalator to Comedy Heaven

The Floorwalker spills over with the confidence Chaplin had obviously gained from becoming his own producer via his Mutual contract. Here, he provides himself an elaborate department-store setting and makes the most of every opportunity with a gag or prop, rather as Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks would do decades later with The Terminal. 280 more words


The Tramp (1915)

This is my contribution to the Shorts Blogathon being hosted by Movies Silently. Take a look at what the other bloggers have contributed to this event, especially if you enjoy shorter movies. 1,354 more words


Charlie Chaplin in BY THE SEA (1915) - A comedy that's all wet

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

By the Sea is a slight improvement over Chaplin’s only other Essanay one-reeler, In the Park. But like its predecessor, this “short” short has too many characters for its own good. 122 more words


Charlie Chaplin in THE CURE (1917) - A shot of strong comedy

Okay, let’s get The Cure’s main plot defect out of the way. Charlie is an alcoholic who enters a health spa to get better. But he has brought an entire trunk of liquor to the spa with him. 204 more words


Charlie Chaplin in A DOG'S LIFE (1918) - Charlie and Scraps

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

In his autobiography, Chaplin claimed that in A Dog’s Life, he brought in the character of the dog Scraps (known as “Mut” on the set) so that his story could contrast the life of a tramp with the life of a mutt. 371 more words


Charlie Chaplin in THE TRAMP (1915) - History-making, sort of

The Tramp is enjoyable as a first “official” look at what became Chaplin’s iconic character, but don’t read too much into it. As Chaplin scholars have pointed out, it was just another “role” for Chaplin to play, as he had played and would play a bakery worker, bank clerk, etc., before and after this movie. 370 more words

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