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The Kid (1921, Charles Chaplin), the director's cut

Some time after the halfway point in The Kid, it becomes clear the film isn’t going to end badly for its leads. Charlie Chaplin is the tramp, Jackie Coogan is his ward (a tramp in training). 276 more words


Charlie Chaplin in SUNNYSIDE (1919) - And now, the lack of inspiration

Sunnyside is without a doubt the most bizarre of Chaplin’s short subjects. Whenever any of his other shorts fall wide off the mark, you can at least see what Chaplin was aiming at. 268 more words


Charlie Chaplin in THE FIREMAN (1916) - A movie that comes out all wet

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

The Fireman is easily the weakest of Chaplin’s Mutual shorts, and it’s not hard to see why. First, when a Chaplin comedy is this over-reliant on what Chaplin biographer John McCabe called “arse-kicking” for its laughs, you know Chaplin is having a mental block. 285 more words


Charlie Chaplin shorts

The start of an icon … a legend … and the very first Hollywood-actor to become world famous!

Charlie Chaplin.  Who doesn’t know him?  Or at least recognize his all too familiar outfit?   2,048 more words


19. A Woman of Paris: a Drama of Fate

October 1, 1923
United Artists
directed by Charles Chaplin

He was fresh off the success of the Kid and ready for his first feature with United Artists. 400 more words


Charlie Chaplin in POLICE (1916) - No helpful cops here

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

If Chaplin needed an “excuse” for his Essanay period, Police is surely it. Here is where he gets all of his themes, ideas, and characters into one unified mass. 334 more words


Blu-ray review: Charlie Chaplin - The Mutual Comedies

Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance
Director: Charlie Chaplin

The 12 two-reeler comedies gathered together on this box set represented a turning point for Charlie Chaplin. It’s not just that the contract he signed with Mutual made him, at the time, the highest paid entertainer in the world. 900 more words