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Introduction: Mr. S - The Llama is Learning

Alright, lets set all the cards on the table:

As of this writing, I am a progressive, high school teacher quickly approaching my third year in Oklahoma. 897 more words


Book Notes & Thoughts: Improvement by Design

It’s been awhile… I think every blogger goes through a spell when it’s really hard to write. In January, I set out a writing plan for the spring, which involved blogging a book per week. 962 more words


Civil Fine of Their Own

I recently decided to pay less attention to politics and even lesser attention (grammar?) to the politics around education. I teach at a charter school and charter schools make strange bedfellows; liberal teachers with a social justice tilt often funded by right wing organizations that may or may not love our schools because of their ability to disrupt the teachers’ unions. 357 more words


What Will Education Look Like In Five Minutes?

No Child Left Behind. Race to the Top. Civic Learning. Excellent Educators for All. STEM. Mandatory Retention. Full Inclusion.

This is a small sampling of well-known educational initiatives on a state or national scale that have received scrutiny at some point during their tenure in public education. 522 more words