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NAME Conference 2017

Hi Everyone,

This week, I went to the annual National Association of Multicultural Education Conference (NAME) in Salt Lake City, Utah and I must say that it was a very timely and necessary conference meeting that happened. 666 more words

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A Real-Life Learning Opportunity

This is a blog post I should’ve written weeks ago, but it’s been a busy school as usual. However, it’s an important topic and it’s been weighing on my mind. 746 more words


Introduction: Mr. S - The Llama is Learning

Alright, lets set all the cards on the table:

As of this writing, I am a progressive, high school teacher quickly approaching my third year in Oklahoma. 897 more words


Book Notes & Thoughts: Improvement by Design

It’s been awhile… I think every blogger goes through a spell when it’s really hard to write. In January, I set out a writing plan for the spring, which involved blogging a book per week. 962 more words


Civil Fine of Their Own

I recently decided to pay less attention to politics and even lesser attention (grammar?) to the politics around education. I teach at a charter school and charter schools make strange bedfellows; liberal teachers with a social justice tilt often funded by right wing organizations that may or may not love our schools because of their ability to disrupt the teachers’ unions. 357 more words