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She got out

A friend got out.  She got a new job. At a “real” district school.  She is getting a raise and a contract.  More days off.  And getting out of all hallway and bus duties for life.   185 more words

Redefining Success: Most Likely to Succeed

Thank you Girls Innovate for hosting screenings of the documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” in the Bay Area. Everyone, not just edreform-minded folks, should see this film. 122 more words


Who's Minding the Store?

Gamification, project based learning, flipped classrooms, STEM, maker education…these are just a few popular pieces of jargon that any connected educator will have come across in the last year. 993 more words

Teacher Professional Development Needs a Makeover

Recently The New Teacher Project (TNTP) released an important study of teacher professional development. The study, titled “The Mirage”, aims to expose how taxpayers waste billions of dollars each year, because schools are providing “development” opportunities for teachers that yield no real results. 741 more words


Education Reimagined?

Given the current education crisis in North America, which has been remarkably evident in B.C over the past year or so. , #edreform is a bit of a hot topic at the moment across social media. 943 more words


Conformity and creativity? A challenge for new educators

In many industries there are often times of great ‘change’ and upheaval. Unfortunately, education is rarely one of those.

While systems of schools often respond to various needs or pressures in their country or community, the way we teach children has not ‘radically’ altered in the past century. 667 more words


School Re-Examined

I believe kids are natural scientists. They are curious about how the world works. Just watch some children playing around a pond, chasing frogs, peering at the minnows, exclaiming over water striders and dragonflies. 610 more words

Learning Theory